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Orlando Walker


In Field Sales / Service since: 2012

Region: USA

Km driven per year: approx. 5,000

Customers visited per year: approx. 80

Mr. Walker, you’re on the road for work from Monday to Friday. Do you still feel like getting in the car at all when you’re not working?

Not necessarily. I go for walks a lot and leave the car at home as often as I can. But ultimately, I’d be in the wrong job if I didn’t like sitting in a car.

Can you imagine doing this job until you retire?

Absolutely! Not necessarily because of the driving now, but because of our customers and their exciting projects. Almost every assignment is different from the previous one. I work with different types of people every day, and this fulfills me and makes me happy. Even if it’s not always easy.

What do you mean by that?

The most formative experiences in field service are those that you have with dissatisfied customers. We are usually the first people the customer talks to after a machine failure on site. Sometimes, a bit of frustration creeps in. I can understand the customer’s anger, because when the system is down, it can quickly add up to a lot of money. That’s why I always do everything I can to get it up and running again as quickly as possible.

Please finish this sentence:

“In my Service job the most important thing is that our customers are satisfied with our work

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