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TRUMPF 2021/22 fiscal year

Despite the most diverse challenges around the world, the 2021/22 fiscal year was a success for TRUMPF. Delivery bottlenecks, increased prices, rapid technological change and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are just a few of the general conditions that required an immense effort from the entire TRUMPF workforce. Overall, we benefited from an extremely increasing demand for our products and thus a record order intake of 5.6 billion euros (previous year 3.9 billion). This corresponds to a rise of 42%. Sales revenues climbed to 4.2 billion euros (previous year 3.5 billion) and the margin, at 11.1%, exceeded the level of the previous year (previous year 10.5%).

Pioneer spirit


"Being “ahead” – technologically and culturally – has always been our guiding principle, but even more so in view of the current upheavals in business and society."

Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller

Constantly taking the plunge

Sometimes one has to show pioneering spirit and simply take the proverbial "plunge". The penguins on the cover of this year's annual report bravely walk in rank and file across an Antarctic ice floe and tumble into the life-threatening, ice-cold waters of the South Atlantic between Argentina and Antarctica. The prodigious Brazilian-French photographer Salgado creates visually stunning photos that make an impact. Such is the case with this impressive shot entitled "Chinstrap Penguins. South Sandwich Islands". Be ahead, be brave, inspire. This is what Salgado strives to achieve with his projects. As does TRUMPF, because it is a company that has always looked ahead.

The future is near!

Staying power can produce technologies of great significance. Our three future-oriented stories also underscore this. Lasers from TRUMPF ensure even greater safety for battery technology in electric cars. Our electronics are helping with cancer treatment and may even neutralize radioactive waste in the future. And novel quantum chips should soon result in gigantic computing power for industrial mainframe computers.

Digitally networked lasers are indispensable for series battery production. We tailor the manufacturing process for each new application.

Philipp Scheible
As head of applications for laser welding, the engineer is responsible for safe batteries.

We are currently taking the crucial step from one-off manufacturing to industrialization.

Marcus Lau
The industrial manager ensures that particle accelerators are given the boost they need in the fight against cancer.

This is different than building a new car. We're doing things here that no one has ever done before.

Victor Brasch
The physicist works on quantum computer chips that could be used at room temperature in mainframe computers.

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