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Your Challenges, Our Solutions: The Right Tools for Your Success with TRUMPF at FABTECH

FABTECH 2021 / Booth A2904/ Booth B18005

FARMINGTON, Conn., September 13, 2021–At FABTECH 2021, TRUMPF will present its latest cutting-edge technology solutions in booths A2904 and B18005 from September 13-16 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

For the first time at FABTECH, TRUMPF has adjusted its show concept to offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the breadth of TRUMPF’s product and solutions portfolio in one place! In booth A2904 we will offer live product expert tech talks to highlight the key features of the company’s latest technology solutions. In addition, attendees can expect to experience real-time virtual machine demonstrations and the opportunity to speak one-on-one with our product experts to help identify the right solutions for their challenges!

TruLaser Solutions

TRUMPF's 2D TruLaser product line offers the latest smart functions to help eliminate operator pain points. At FABTECH, product experts will provide insight on a variety of topics such as easy part separation with nano joints and how TRUMPF's Active Speed Control enables the laser to adapt in real-time to ensure optimal cut quality. In addition, attendees can learn about TRUMPF's new Sorting Guide, a camera-based system that simplifies part sorting and Power by the Hour, a program that allows operators to take advantage of a higher laser power at a lower investment cost only when they need it.

TruLaser Tube Technology

Packed with optimized features such as BevelCut, RapidCut and the optional technology package for tapping, TRUMPF's TruLaser Tube machines offer unparalleled cutting results when it comes to tube processing. Open access to the loading and unloading areas ensure flexible and fast changeover for individual tubes and these machines can also be equipped with standalone and automated loading solutions to minimize material handling for operators while improving production transparency within TRUMPF's TruTops Fab software.

The new TruMatic 3000 fiber

The new TruMatic 3000 fiber is the first combined punch-laser machine from TRUMPF to feature a control panel with a Touchpoint interface. This 20-ton combination machine pairs a “flying” delta-drive punching head featuring a new descending die with all-tool rotation and a 3-kilowatt TruDisk laser. Together they perform an unparalleled range of processes from punching and forming to tapping and laser cutting, reducing handling and eliminating secondary operations. The TruMatic 3000 fiber with a working area of 60 inches by 120 inches can also be equipped with TRUMPF’s SheetMaster Compact automation, which offers the ability to load and unload full sheets.

TruBend: precision bending

With TRUMPF's TruBend product portfolio, operators can optimize bending to increase productivity with features such as TRUMPF's ACB Wirless angle measuring system. Additional features such as the LoadMaster Bend further reduce cycle times with parallel-to-production blank preparation and TecZone Bend enables quick and simple programming for pressbrake operators allowing them to carry out programming at the machine or offline. TRUMPF's new generation ToolMaster is also the perfect solution for those looking to save time when it comes to tool changes. The flexible automated system allows for automatic tool changes when switching from one set-up to the next within just a few seconds.

Welding with TRUMPF

TRUMPF's welding solutions save operators time by eliminating the need for finishing after processing with the TruLaser Weld 5000 and allow them to enter the world of cobotic arc welding with the new TruArc Weld 1000 as a solution for high-mix, low-volume production. With intelligent systems like TeachLine and software such as TruTops Weld, operators can further optimize their laser welding processing when it comes to accurate part positioning and offline programming. TRUMPF has also introduced its new WeldGuide which presents operators with exclusive tips to ensure the optimal use of their TruLaser Weld 5000.


A new range of smart services solutions aim to improve machine data analytics and transparency for customers - one solution is The Smart Part. This concept for future predictive maintenance services targets machine components and their life cycle status. TRUMPF power tubes, which form the heart of the laser generator in almost all CO2 laser cutting machines, are now able to automatically report their status to the operator. As a result, the user knows when the part needs replacing making it an efficient way to avoid unplanned downtime. This is just one module in TRUMPF’s strategy to develop proactive service concepts that are based on connecting TRUMPF machines to the company’s Condition Monitoring Cloud.


Software solutions from TRUMPF help customers to program more effectively, increase machine utilization rate, and make the best possible use of their resources. With the latest version of TruTops Boost, customers can take advantage of a variety of new productivity features including support with panel bending. Users also benefit from clear and cost-effective processes and can even gain total transparency with regard to machine productivity.

TruTool: portable power tools

TRUMPF’s display at FABTECH would not be complete without its line of portable power tools for cutting, fastening, beveling and deburring sheet metal. The TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner will also be on display. With this tool, you can thoroughly remove the accumulation of slag on the support slats of 2D laser cutting machines during the cutting process. This ensures reliable, high-quality production of laser-cut components. By cleaning the slats regularly, you can also increase their service life by up to three or four times.

At booth B18005 TRUMPF will showcase the following products from its laser technology portfolio:

TruMark Station 5000

Due to its intelligent, ergonomic design, the compact TruMark Station 5000 can be used as both a standing and a seated workstation. The machine also comes equipped with linear axes in the X,Y and Z direction and rotary axes with various clamping systems, to meet your requirements. The marking station offers the possibility to integrate a conveyor system for flow through transfer. At the show, the machine will demonstrate 3D marking with a TruMark 6030 which in most cases can enable shortened process times by up to 25 percent. To achieve this, average power on the workpiece was increased to 25 watts. This laser, due to modular design and robot based assembly, also comes with a new Yb:YAG beam source for the very first time. This offers outstanding beam quality with higher pulse to pulse stability, enabling the laser to achieve clean ablation and high-contrast marking by engraving or annealing.

TruLaser Station 7000

The new TruLaser Station 7000 can handle all the most common metals including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and titanium, as well as plastics. This new generation of machines has achieved yet another boost in productivity thanks to an increased work area of 150 percent and a beam source with a laser power of up to two kilowatts. This combination allows users to weld larger parts and form deeper weld seams. Higher feed rates enable operators to produce parts faster and more productively. The machine also comes with an image processing system. The smart camera detects the position of the part in the work area and if it is not aligned properly, the camera sends the new coordinates to the machine controller. The machine then adjusts the welding program accordingly and the laser takes just a fraction of a second to automatically correct the position of the weld seam. At FABTECH the machine will also be equipped with TruFiber for welding.


The high-technology company TRUMPF offers production solutions in the machine tool and laser sectors. It is driving digital connectivity in manufacturing industry through consulting, platform and software offers. TRUMPF is the world technological and market leader for machine tools used in flexible sheet metal processing, and also for industrial lasers.

In 2019/20 the company – which has about 14,300 employees – achieved sales of 3.8 billion dollars. With over 70 subsidiaries, the TRUMPF Group is represented in nearly all the countries of Europe, North and South America, and Asia. It has production facilities in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, China and Japan. For more information about TRUMPF go to 

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