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TruPrint 5000
Athanassios Kaliudis

Is this the fastest 3D printer in the world?

H ardly any topic is currently being hyped in the manufacturing world as much as 3D printing. In Frankfurt, the Who-is-Who of the additive manufacturing industry meets every year at Formnext show. This year, TRUMPF presents with its TruPrint 5000 probably the fastest 3D printing system in the world.

The trade show Formnext enters the third round: Launched in 2015, the trade fair has become the leading trade fair for additive manufacturing in just three years. All large and small manufacturers are on site to present their latest achievements.

TRUMPF has exhibited its complete product and technology portfolio for additive manufacturing over more than 400 square meters. On board: The TruPrint 5000 - one, if not the fastest, 3D printing system in the world.

The TruPrint 5000 has not just one but three 500-watt fiber lasers that dance around in the process chamber on the powder bed and generate one or more components. In the professional world, this is called a multi-laser principle.

Not only the number but also the choreography of the three lasers are decisive for the high productivity of the system: they can illuminate every corner of the construction chamber independently of each other and independently of one another, thus producing components much faster and more efficiently. This is not the case with other multilaser concepts.

Thanks to its flexible automation interface (currently still a future idea), the TRUMPF TruPrint 5000 is compatible with a variety of industrial and production scenarios and can be quickly and easily connected to, for example, an automated robot solution, a rail system or an autonomous vehicle, depending on the factory concept.

The system operates on the multi-laser principle and is equipped with three scanner-guided and 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers.

At the fair Formnext in Frankfurt, TRUMPF has exhibited its complete product and technology portfolio in the field of additive manufacturing on more than 400 square meters.

A highlight of the trade fair is the TruPrint 5000 - the interest of the visitors is great.

Also on the booth are the digitalization solution TruConnect and the manufacturing process LMD. As one of few manufacturers worldwide, TRUMPF offers both technologies relevant to metal 3D printing.

Who would have thought? 3D printing also changes toothbrushes - at least in their production. The new tool for the plastic attachment has been produced additively.

Peter Leibinger, TRUMPF CTO, explains the corporate strategy in the area of ​​additive manufacturing in a press conference at the trade fair.

Add to this the high degree of automation of the system: It starts the production process at the touch of a button, all components calibrate independently - this reduces the effort for the operator and at the same time increases the productivity of the 3D printer.

If all process parameters are set optimally, the TruPrint 5000 - compared to 3D printers with one laser - only needs one third of the exposure time per job.

A small downer: The TruPrint 5000 is expected to be launched at the end of 2018.

TRUMPF sees sales increase of half a billion euros

At a press conference, Peter Leibinger, CTO of TRUMPF, underlined his company's Additive Manufacturing goals: "If the market for 3D printers continues to develop in line with current indications, then we see an opportunity for our company to achieve additional revenues of half a billion euros in a timescale of five to seven years. We want to gain a leading role in the market and secure a market share of around 20 percent in the medium terms," says Leibinger.

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