18 V Li-ion battery technology

Run for longer. Get more done.

Years of experience and the latest technology

With our battery machines, we combine our years of experience with the latest technology so that you are able to carry out your work perfectly. The trend is for Li-ion battery technology. Advantages such as high energy density, protection against overload, overheating and deep discharge ensure that the capacitor is predestined for use in professional sheet metal tools. Eight further machines with an 18 V drive are now provided alongside the tried-and-tested 10.8 V battery machines. They are the C 250 slitting shears with chip clipper, the S 250 shear, the N 200 nibbler, the PN 200 and PN 201 profiling nibblers, the F 300 and F 301 seam lockers, and the TF 350 power fastener.

The perfect combination: Power-Head Technology and brushless motor

How do you minimize power loss in battery machines? Easy: You develop a gear head that interacts with the rechargeable battery in an optimum manner and is specially designed for the low voltage of battery technology. And how do you get even more running performance out of the rechargeable battery? Easy: By using brushless motors.

Brushless motor

A total of 60% more running performance


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