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3D characteristics recognition

Trust in your process with TRUMPF sensor systems

Reliable thanks to 3D information

VisionLine OCT Detect combines the world of incident light image processing with optical coherence tomography, thereby detecting characteristics in three dimensions. The OCT sensor scans the component coaxially to the processing laser and as such, is operating independently of the respective lighting and clamping situation. The 3D information created in this way can be used to position and check the part characteristics, such as the height difference of two components.

Reliably tested

You can reliably detect beforehand whether a pair of hairpins are the same height.

Can be operated intuitively

The OCT beam guidance is plotted directly in the camera image.

Bespoke solution

The TRUMPF expert team develops algorithms tailored to your component.

Consistent traceability

Additional QDS-2 (Quality Data Storage) software is used to transfer sensor data synchronously to the process.

TRUMPF Sensors height profile measuring OCT Detect

Scanning the height profile

A typical application scenario for 3D characteristics recognition with VisionLine OCT Detect is scanning the height profile of hairpins in stators. Hairpins are used in electric motors.

TRUMPF Sensors VisionLine Detect

Detecting positioning errors

Is a fork stuck in its bracket? VisionLine OCT Detect can easily identify this. This allows you to respond beforehand when welding connectors in a circuit board.

Visionline OCT Detect
Available lasers TruDisk
Available options Detect, Project
Available focal lengths 255 / 345 mm (others upon request)
Lighting LED, λ = 625 nm
OCT sensor SLED, λ = 820 nm - 860 nm Class 3B, P0 = 20 mW
OCT sensor measurement rate 70 kHz
Typ. image processing time 100 ms - 150 ms
Typical precision of the 2D relative position recognition ± 25 μm in the image center (camera)
Typical precision of the 3D relative position recognition ± 25 μm in the image center (OCT)
TRUMPF Sensors VisionLine OCT Detect
VisionLine OCT Detect

3D characteristics recognition enables OCT and image processing programs to be easily integrated into the production process. The appropriate distinguishing features can be selected from a template library for many application scenarios and can be configured using the user interface of the panel PC.

VisionLine Project
VisionLine OCT Project

With an additional service package, TRUMPF provides the complete solution for complex OCT and image processing tasks. Programming of the customized solution, including extensive documentation, is performed subject to a successful feasibility study.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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