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My machine and I form a strong team together

Every playmaker needs a partner that helps them to be successful. Every star needs someone to set up a chance. Using a bending machine is sometimes like sport – if the machine passes me the ball, it's easier for me to perform to my best. I get quicker and need less energy. Bending obviously isn't simple. However, it's much easier with a good machine and the right equipment behind you.

This is what colleagues say

I often have to stand at the bending machine for a long time and lift heavy parts. Over time, this becomes really tiring. Despite this, the parts have to be inserted correctly and precisely. So it's great when you can turn to some additional equipment for help.

It sometimes takes a long time to write programs. The correct bending sequence may not always be evident immediately. It's therefore good to have a program that can think too and, for example, point out possible collisions. The software also needs to be fast.

A machine with convenient handling hits all the right notes for me. Otherwise, bending can really have an impact on the joints, back, and ears.

Setting up the heavy tools takes a long time and is arduous. A good automatic tool changer makes this a whole lot easier. Add a programming system that creates appropriate setup plans on top of this, and setup is child's play.

Facts about TRUMPF bending machines

More lightweight tools
Part is a finished part
The bending aid supports

Bending means being part of a team

The best team cannot be successful without a leader – and without operators, even the greatest bending machine cannot deliver results

You are in charge – if you are on form, the machine can help you perform. A well-designed machine will help you stay on top. Be in a league of your own when it comes to bending – be on top form with bending machines from TRUMPF.

TRUMPF machines put you in a league of your own when it comes to bending

Become a top-class bending specialist! With TRUMPF machines you don't just produce high-quality bending results, you are also doing something good for yourself – multiple functions supporting ergonomics and operability make being a bending specialist easier. Find out about our products and find your new favorite machine!

Put bending machine operators in a league of their own

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