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More productive due to laser tube processing from TRUMPF

The Indonesian sheet metal processor, PT Mega Andalan Kalasan (abbreviated as PT Mak International) produces hospital beds for the global market. With the help of the TRUMPF service team, the company seamlessly changed its production over to the TruLaser Tube 5000. Ever since then, it has been producing more than 400 beds per month more effectively than ever before.

Pioneer in the production of hospital beds

While looking for a product with growth potential, the Indonesian entrepreneur Buntoro Setiomulyo stumbled upon hospital beds. PT Mak International is now one of the leading suppliers in the industry. The company currently carries out around 2,000 orders annually; its portfolio consists of 150 different models for many international markets.

Always at the forefront of our thinking – reducing weight and optimizing production processes

In order to satisfy all the requirements of their customers, PK Mak International works simultaneously with three design teams on new variants and improvements to existing models. A focus is placed on reducing weight and optimizing production processes. For Setiomulyo, this includes new production technologies. That's why after careful consideration, he became the first Indonesian entrepreneur to opt for a TruLaser Tube 5000.

Much less manual work

Productivity has increased by 30 percent, as the laser tube cutting machine saves PT Mak International a lot of manual work. Due to the fact that the machine works very precisely, Setiomulyo has also been able to significantly reduce costly secondary processes; in some cases, old systems have even been made obsolete. The company is also able to use the production space that has been freed up more effectively.