Technologiebild DC Plasmagenerator

DC Plasma Excitation

Direct current generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger are classics when it comes to DC plasma excitation. They are mainly used in single cathode systems, for the application of conductive layers on solar cells and semi-conductors, as well as for the polarization of substrates, for example. Nowadays DC generators are used in numerous applications as an example of cost-effective entry technology into plasma excitation.

TruPlasma DC 3040 direct current generator

TruPlasma DC Series 3000 (G2)

As a new generation of DC generators, the TruPlasma DC Series 3000 (G2) is suited to numerous DC sputtering processes. The DC generators also make an interesting cost-effective alternative to pulsed DC generators due to their progressive arc management and the integrated water cooling. The very compact design also enables simple integration into existing applications.

Gleichstrom-Generator für anspruchsvolle Plasmaprozesse: TruPlasma DC 3010

TruPlasma DC Serie 3000

Mit ihrem breiten Leistungsspektrum und der schnellen Arc-Erkennung bieten die Gleichstrom-Generatoren der TruPlasma DC Serie 3000 die Gewähr für makellose Oberflächen und hohe Beschichtungsraten – auch in sehr anspruchsvollen DC-Sputter-Prozessen. Dank Luftkühlung besonders kompakt, lassen sich die Generatoren problemlos in jede Anlage integrieren.

TruPlasma Arc Series 3000 arc generator

TruPlasma Arc Series 3000

The TruPlasma Arc Series 3000 generators are particularly impressive for hard material and decorative coatings. With its compact design and air cooling, valuable space is optimized and the unit can be easily integrated into new or existing systems.

Bias generator with stable voltage and fast arc management

TruPlasma Bias Series 3000

The TruPlasma Bias Series 3000 is a diverse group of state-of-the-art DC bias generators. All of the devices have two operating modes which specifically support optical and metallic coating applications. They are also well-suited for applications with comparable voltage and current requirements.

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