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Process optimization

Application consultation

Use the knowledge and years of experience of TRUMPF to your competitive advantage. Together, we can broaden your knowledge and optimize your processes through application consultation services. The consultation provided is adapted to your needs at your production site by TRUMPF specialists. Your knowledge is always up to date and you achieve better, cost-optimized results.

Process optimization


Task analysis

How can I improve the results for certain applications? Together with TRUMPF application specialists, you can shed light on this question. The specific content of the application consultation is defined with you in advance.


Individual process optimization

Once the aims of the application consultation have been defined, TRUMPF analysis specialists can analyze your process in a targeted way. They simply do this at the machine or the programming station in your production facility.

Musterteil mit perfekter Schnittkante

A focus on cost-effectiveness, safety, and quality

Make use of the functionality of your TRUMPF products even more efficiently by improving part quality, productivity, or process reliability. Through the on-site consultation, together with the application specialists, you can find and improve important technology parameters for your production, for example.

Production support

A smooth start

Experts from TRUMPF support you during the production start-up of your machine. The coaching takes place directly at your machine or your programming station. This means you not only gain confidence in using your own TRUMPF products, but also create the basis for efficient production.

Beratung mit Applikationsspezialisten

Productive right from the start

Following set-up and commissioning, TRUMPF application specialists run your system with parts from your production. The specific content of the production support is agreed upon in advance. At the same time, your employees will be taught further details for using the machine.

Focal points of the start-up consultation

Through the consultation on-site, start-up entrepreneurs quickly learn how to use the machine or the TruTops software. Joint preparation and set-up of the machine, running production parts, and explanations of the influential parameters on the production process are included in the program. If required, initial optimization of the process parameters can also be carried out.


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