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TRUMPF Services Schulungen Keyvisual
TRUMPF Services Schulungen Keyvisual

Training courses

Every training course leads to knowledge growth – our training program will enable you to grow beyond the competition.

When you are well trained, you can correctly utilize the potential of your lasers, laser systems, machines and software. Select a suitable program from a comprehensive range of operator, programmer, and maintenance courses. Secure your knowledge advantage now – and react flexibly to new customer requests at any time.

For any level of knowledge

The wide range of training courses is aimed at both beginners, as well as experts.

The best general conditions

Experienced speakers, optimally equipped seminar rooms, and training on the machine directly

Learn through practical experience

An optimal mix of theory and practical exercises ensures that the knowledge taught lasts.

Global knowledge

TRUMPF has numerous international training centers.

Online training calendar for the Training Center in Farmington

The training program in Farmington is also available online. Book your desired course directly.

Find out more

Course program

Technical training courses

Learn how to use TRUMPF products safely through practical experience, for the long term. TRUMPF offers a comprehensive training course program with corresponding courses on the subjects of operation, technology, and maintenance.

Programming training courses

The intensive, comprehensive training on our software products enables you to use your TRUMPF products optimally. The programming training courses are offered for beginners as well as advanced participants. In addition to new functions, in the update trainings, you will also learn numerous tips and tricks for daily use.

Customer-specific solutions

We also offer individualized courses, tailored to your requirements. Please just ask us and we will be happy to advise you.

Download our course program


2 MB
2017 range of courses at the Schramberg Training Center

Training courses offered: TruDisk, TruPulse, TruMicro, TruMark, TruLaser Station, Optics / Sensor systems


3 MB
2016/2017 range of courses at the Ditzingen Training Center

Training courses offered: TruLaser, TruPunch, TruBend, TruMatic, TruLaser Robot, TruLaser Cell , TruFlow, TruTops / TruTops Boost, TruPrint


2 MB
2018 range of courses at the Schramberg Training Center

Training courses offered: TruDisk, TruPulse, TruMicro, TruMark, TruLaser Station, Optics / Sensor systems

Our training centers

Schulungszentrum Ditzingen


The Training Center at the TRUMPF head office in Ditzingen enables you to combine the theoretical basics with practical exercises directly on the machine, under the best general conditions. This means that you not only learn effectively, but also sustainably.

Training courses offered:

  • TruLaser
  • TruPunch
  • TruBend
  • TruMatic
  • TruLaser Robot
  • TruLaser Cell
  • TruFlow
  • TruTops / TruTops Boost
  • TruPrint
Schulungszentrum Schramberg


In addition to standard courses, the Schramberg Training Center also offers customized workshops and application training courses, based on your requirements. All of the training rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. In the application laboratory you can learn how to adapt the most important laser parameters through practical experience.

Training courses offered:

  • TruDisk
  • TruPulse
  • TruMicro
  • TruMark
  • TruLaser Station
  • Optics/Sensor systems

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Application consultation

You can broaden your knowledge and optimize your processes with an application consultation from TRUMPF.

TRUMPF Services Prozessoptimierung
Process optimization

Working together with experts from TRUMPF, you can optimize your processes, gain fresh momentum, and benefit from quality consulting.

TRUMPF locations and addresses

With around 70 subsidiaries, the group is represented in nearly every European country, in North and South America, and in Asia. Find your contact person.


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