Key visual of TRUMPF Services Genuine Parts
Key visual of TRUMPF Services Genuine Parts

Genuine parts

Trust in our global logistics network – and above all in the guaranteed quality of the genuine parts.

Your investment should pay off for the long term. Genuine parts from TRUMPF help make this a reality. This is because with genuine parts that are specifically designed for your product, you are guaranteed to produce parts more safely, reliably, and powerfully.

Details that benefit you

Don't leave anything to chance. With our genuine parts you can produce better results.

Fast global delivery

In an emergency, every minute counts. That's why you can count on immediate delivery.

Reliable operation

We pour decades of knowledge into TRUMPF genuine parts.

Well supported

From the selection to the installation of your spare part, TRUMPF experts are always on hand.

Quality: Details that make a difference

Geprüfte Qualität der TRUMPF Original Teile

When it comes to quality, you should leave nothing to chance. Even during their development, genuine parts, machines, lasers, and laser systems from TRUMPF are coordinated with each other to the finest detail. This means we not only enable you to have the highest process reliability, but also provide spare parts that function according to the Plug & Play principle, without any adjustment required. So that it remains like this, TRUMPF ensures the highest quality standards.

Availability: Quickly in place

Hochregallager für TRUMPF Original Teile

Even a small part can be crucial for the availability of your TRUMPF product. A global network of sales and logistics experts therefore, ensures that you are provided with the required spare parts as soon as possible – no matter whether your production facility is located in Europe, America, or Asia. The majority of orders are delivered the next day. Even when a TRUMPF machine, laser, or laser system has not been produced for a long time, you can rely on the right spare parts for the long term.

Xchange: The quality promise for genuine parts

Original Teile Xchange Vorteile

Genuine parts from TRUMPF meet the highest quality requirements. With the Xchange program we guarantee the quality of our products even beyond the warranty. In the event of replacement for more than 5,000 high-quality spare parts, Xchange guarantees high credit even a long time after purchase. Depending on the spare part, the time period for this can be four or even ten years. You can easily recognize Xchange parts from the logo on the box or the notation on your shipping documents.

Our genuine parts

Original Power Tubes

Original Power Tube

The original Power Tube by TRUMPF is the heart of the generator of many CO2 laser processing machines . It ensures the maximum power for your laser. The compatible electrical parameters of Power Tube and generator ensure perfect interaction and top process reliability.
Every original Power Tube (transmission tube) from TRUMPF undergoes a stringent quality inspection. This guarantees a durable, high-quality product and a high degree of reliability.

Original lenses

Original  Linsen

For an excellent cutting result from your laser machine, you simply cannot do without a high-quality lens in accordance with TRUMPF specifications. Careful material selection and stringent quality checks ensure that original lenses optimally focus the laser beam. This means you are provided with a precisely coordinated unit, from the machine to the sensor system, to the original lens. A perfect focal position and optimal cutting results are included. With the intelligent lens with RFID chip and the LensLine sensor system with condition check, genuine parts provide you with even more certainty. The correct installation and right focal length of the lens are always ensured. Cleaning cycles are also optimized through the interaction of LensLine and lens with RFID chip, saving up to 40% in non-productive times.


Original nozzles

Original nozzles

An essential component: It is through the cutting nozzle that the laser beam and cutting gas meet the workpiece. Selecting the right nozzle is therefore crucial for part quality. Ensure you have the best cutting quality with the Original nozzles from TRUMPF. These are manufactured according to particularly stringent quality specifications. The precise surface of the nozzle created minimizes the amount of slag spatter, ensuring the distance regulation functions perfectly. A special material alloy optimally diverts heat and guarantees a long nozzle service life. You also benefit from the optimal nozzle geometry. Original nozzles guarantee flawless gas flow and minimized burr formation. They also only use as much cutting gas as is actually necessary.


Original BrightLine nozzle

Original CoolLine nozzle

Original nozzle holders


When they are optimally coordinated, nozzle holders, nozzles, and distance sensor systems ensure the best cutting process and ideal cutting results. This is why the highest quality standards are also applied for original nozzle holders during production. The ceramic and thread insert are bonded with the greatest precision. Once joined, they are inseparable and extremely robust. The resistant materials of the nozzle holder not only withstand extremely high temperatures but also ensure the electrical insulation in the high frequency range. This is necessary for the distance sensor system to always ensure the perfect distance between the sheet and the nozzle. By using the original, you therefore attain a constant focal position.


Genuine protective glasses

Original protective glass

In solid-state laser machines and systems, the lens is protected against impurities by a protective glass. This serves as a pressure window for the cutting gas used and at the same time keeps spatter, smoke residue, and steam away from the lenses. Not every protective glass can withstand this pressure. Genuine protective glasses from TRUMPF are produced according to precise specifications to meet the wavelength of the laser light and the requirements of the cutting and welding processes, as well as the sensor system. A special coating as well as the use of particularly pure materials guarantee a low degree of reflection and absorption and prevent thermal changes to the glass. Genuine protective glasses form the foundation of reliable cutting and welding processes.

Original bellows

Original Teile, Bälge

The axes of your machines and laser systems are covered with bellows to protect the sensitive beam guiding optics of your laser against dust and other particles. Only purified air or nitrogen is permitted inside the bellows, so that the laser beam is not absorbed or deflected. Due to the material quality, original bellows guarantee the best protection of the beam path, also ensuring the focal positioning on the workpiece. The bellows are subjected to extreme mechanical loads due to the high speeds of the cutting head and the entire motion unit, as well as the resulting pressure changes. This is why original bellows are made from particularly flexible, but also very stable and self-extinguishing plastic. Even in 3-shift operation, this means you can count on the long service life of your original bellows for the long term.


Original mirrors

Original Spiegel

Numerous optical elements shape, control, and focus the laser beam in your TRUMPF machine. So that you gain the best part quality at the end of the cutting process, we pour a great deal of knowledge into our high-quality original mirrors. Our engineers in Development and Production are constantly working on optimizing the original mirrors along the entire beam guidance. At TRUMPF diamond-cut optics are produced in a highly precise manufacturing method with specially developed fixtures and tools. Here, the engineers place great emphasis on producing the water-cooled mirrors under precisely defined conditions. The shape and dimensions of the original mirrors must be excellent.


Original filter elements

Original Filterplatten

Original filter elements, tested by TRUMPF, function according to the principle of surface filtration. The dust is filtered directly at the surface and does not penetrate deeply due to the substrate made of permeable polyester fleece with a Teflon-coated surface. This means at least 99.95% of the particles can be filtered, even in the micrometer range – an absolute top value! Original filter elements ensure a constantly high filter performance for many years. During laser cutting, emissions are created from which your employees, the environment, and components of your machine or laser system should be protected. With our original filter elements, TRUMPF makes no compromise and even goes beyond the legal requirements. To ensure long-term protection, the cleaning intervals for your original filter elements are stored in your machine control.

Original Easy Kits and filters

Easy Kits und Filter

Perfect cooling is crucial for the availability of your machine. In order to lengthen the service life of the resonator and optics, you should typically service the cooling circuit once a year, thereby removing impurities and particles from the cooling water. With the Easy Filter, you can recycle the used cooling water in simple steps – parallel to production. Together with the original Easy Kit, you can clean your cooling circuit sustainably and optimally protect your components. TRUMPF offers the right original Easy Filter and original Easy Kit for every laser machine or laser system type. This provides you with all of the components required for the cleaning cycle, such as cleaning biocide and corrosion protection, together in a coordinated set – there is no need for complicated metering and storage. It couldn't be more simple.

The original filter cartridges are comprised of a covered fiber, whose fleece layers are fused securely to each other in a special process. This manufacturing process provides you with benefits. This outstanding strength enables the original filter cartridge to withstand maximum pressure differences without losing fibers. This means your filter components and water cooling channels are constantly kept free of loose fibers. The original filter cartridge ensures your laser/laser system or machine is ideally cooled for the long term.


Easy Filter

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