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Pay per Part

Boost production without the need to invest.

Pay per Part – so that your costs match your workload

With TRUMPF's comprehensive Pay per Part solution, laser processors can offer an attractive product range despite small batch sizes and a shortage of skilled workers. The "equipment-as-a-service" model allows you to use a new manufacturing system without the need to purchase it. We also support you in calculating, programming and operating the manufacturing system. You can focus on your orders – and only pay for the parts you produce.

Your advantages with Pay per Part

Say goodbye to the skills shortage

Equipped with automated systems and support from TRUMPF experts, you can boost your output without increasing your reliance on qualified personnel.

Say hello to financial freedom!

Use a high-quality machine without actually purchasing it. Stay financially flexible and only pay for the parts you actually produce.

All-round carefree package

There's no need to worry about maintenance, spare parts, consumables or repairs. We even take care of production planning and programming for you. 

Plannable costs & easy calculations

Providing quotes has never been simpler. Find out the exact price for each part before production even begins.

Here's how Pay per Part works at TRUMPF

Pay per Part is an "equipment-as-a-service" model: You will receive a fully automatic manufacturing system from TRUMPF, along with active support in your part production. Pay a fee for each part you produce while the system remains the property of TRUMPF. 

Why have we developed Pay per Part? The sheet metal processing industry is currently up against a number of challenges: the shortage of skilled workers, decreasing batched sizes and heightened price transparency due to platform providers. With Pay per Part, we offer a way to boost the efficiency of your processes with the fewer qualified personnel. Save valuable working time, particularly when it comes to work preparation and cutting. 

What does Pay per Part involve?


With the TruLaser Center 7030, you get an automated manufacturing system with a corresponding storage system and related equipment. The system automatically supplies material and puts the finished parts into storage. For production with less employee involvement.

Added value

We support your production processes remotely with a range of services. This includes production planning, programming and remote interference suppression*. The result: an optimally configured machine that guarantees consistently high part quality.  

*Remote interference suppression is a one-off service. TRUMPF experts take care of your machine and provide help when required from the Remote Operation Center in Neukirch. 

Part-based billing

We let you know the part price in advance for each part. This price is exactly what is billed. All extra costs and consumables are already included, giving you full cost transparency. Our services are provided on the basis of an agreed minimum utilization rate. We're happy to provide more information on this.

TruLaser Center 7030

Pay per Part gives you the opportunity to produce parts on a unique full-service laser machine – the TruLaser Center 7030. This system takes care of your entire laser cutting process from the loading of the raw material to the scratch-free cutting, unloading and sorting of your finished parts.

Automated storage

You receive a storage system for raw sheets and finished parts that matches your system. It precisely supplies material for production. After production, it puts the stacked and sorted finished parts into storage. Working as a team, the storage system and machine simplify your material flow and production sequence.

TRUMPF experts

Calculating and programming orders, production planning and interference suppression on systems: all taken care of by TRUMPF experts with Pay per Part. Think about how much time and qualified personnel hours you could save!

What Pay per Part offers

With the Pay per Part service from TRUMPF, as a customer you benefit in many ways: First, you remain financially flexible and reduce your risk. Second, work preparation is simplified and you gain a transparent overview of your costs. Third, you need significantly fewer skilled workers. Fourth, you gain efficiency and produce more parts in the same amount of time, lowering your cost per part. Lastly, our solution reduces risk, particularly the risk of machine failures. 

Reliable system

The complete package also protects you against machine downtime. We keep an eye on your system remotely, flag any downtime immediately and get to work fixing the issue right away. This ensures your components are finished reliably and on time. 

Economical operation

Produce more parts in the same amount of time with the complete package including an optimum machine configuration and programming. The combination of all TRUMPF services boosts your productivity while significantly reducing your costs per part. 

All inclusive

Utilize the latest system technology from TRUMPF, including Service Parts and maintenance. This means that expensive repairs or unplanned downtimes are a thing of the past. We take care of the financing and machine costs along with updates and retrofitting. 

High part quality

Produce consistently high-quality parts on an optimally maintained system with support from TRUMPF experts. The machine's high degree of automation makes night and weekend production possible without additional staff. 

Certainty with every order situation

Costs to match your workload. There's no need to worry about fluctuating order situations or due loan installments any more. Benefit from fixed prices calculated in real-time.  

Data-driven consultations

Our experts regularly discuss the current status of production with you, monitoring production data and the condition of your machine. This means the potential for optimization can be identified at an early stage for ongoing improvements to the entire production process.  

Want to boost production without the need to invest?

Speak to the experts at TRUMPF directly to learn more about how your company can benefit from Pay per Part.

The advantages of the TruLaser Center 7030 at a glance

Produce around the clock

The TruLaser Center 7030 handles your entire laser cutting process almost independently, producing and sorting parts throughout the day and night and saving you many time-consuming manual tasks.

Process reliability for top part quality

The concept of the automated overall processing cell makes safe processes a guarantee: tilting workpieces are a thing of the past, along with spatter and microjoints.

Sorting made easy

No more waiting around for manual sorting: the SortMaster Speed removes and stacks large, small and delicate components in the blink of an eye and the SmartGate ejects the smallest parts in seconds.

IoT connection

By connecting to the IoT (Internet of Things), we're able to use selected machine data to learn more and make our machines more efficient. 

White paper

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Pay per Part: Boost production without the need to invest
Do you want to learn more about the "equipment-as-a-service" model? Download our white paper for free to learn more.
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