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Rollabsetzwerkzeug, Musterblech
Rollabsetzwerkzeug, Musterblech
Punching tools

Offsetting roller tool

Continuous steps through roller forming

Fast and flexible with the roller

Using the roller offsetting tool, you can add straight or curved stepping in any length. The roller technology provides you with the fastest processing speeds.

High productivity

Die hohe Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit beim Rollumformen senkt Produktionskosten.


Achieve straight and curved forms and contours in any design and length.

Excellent quality

During roller forming, there are no visible forming marks.

Suitable for any application

A wide range of dimensions in the standard portfolio and customized special solutions.

Low noise level

Working with the tool is almost noiseless.


The roller offsetting tool creates continuous steps through a continuous movement. Here, the sheet travels between two rollers and is shaped by being pulled through them. This means you can produce any length of contour or form in just one stroke – and this at the highest processing speed and without visible forming marks. A wide range of dimensions in the standard portfolio, as well as special solutions tailored to you, provide you with the flexibility you need.

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