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Punching tools

QuickSet (KS51)

Set up and measuring made easy

Setting up punching tools even more productively

You will set up tools and tool cartridges with punches, strippers and dies particularly quickly and safely with the new QuickSet. It combines the previous tools QuickSet and QuickLoad in one high-performance additional tool for your punching or punch laser machine.

Quick and safe setting

QuickSet ideally aligns the punch with the alignment ring.

3-in-1 measurement

Measures punch length, die height and stripper plunging depth in just one time-saving measuring stroke.

Set-up made easy

Thanks to the integrated tool cartridge drawer, QuickSet even sets up tools directly in the tool cartridge.

Integrated unloading

Thanks to the integrated Unload Station, after punch processing, it is easy to remove punches and strippers from the tool cartridge using the tool set-up aid.

An eye on the cutting clearance

A single test stroke can be used to check the cutting clearance between the punch and the die directly.

Precision setting of punching tools with QuickSet

You need precisely set punching tools for high-quality punching. You can achieve this with QuickSet: suitable for all TRUMPF punching tools. Punch and alignment ring are aligned at the integrated alignment station and fixed in place – preventing idle times. The punch aid also determines tool length, die height and stripper plunging depth and displays these digitally.

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