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MultiTool, Musterblech
MultiTool, Musterblech
Punching tools


Productive punching, forming, and embossing

Numerous application possibilities with the highest productivity

With the MultiTool tools, you can not only carry out punching processes highly productively, but you can also form and emboss. Up to ten different inserts in one tool adapter ensure shorter setup and tool change times. Particularly when it comes to processing sheet parts with varying small punching operations and large lot sizes, the MultiTool plays to its strengths.

Increased flexibility

Increase the number of tools through up to ten tool inserts in one tool adapter.

Lower non-productive times

Through reduced setup and tool change times

High efficiency

Benefit from higher productivity, especially for small punching operations, forming, or embossing.

Robust and durable

Excellent rotational properties of the gear rim due to special coating


The MultiTool is particularly strong when it comes to processing sheet metal parts with a variety of small punching operations and large lot sizes. It integrates up to ten different punches and dies in one tool and therefore, ensures short setup and tool change times. Typical applications are varying small holes such as circles of different diameters, squares or rectangles, as well as different embossed figures, such as letters or the numbers from 0 to 9. In addition to standard geometries, numerous special geometries are also possible.

Tool options

5-station MultiTool / 10-station MultiTool

The MultiTool is available with five or ten inserts. With a 10-station MultiTool, a maximum outer circle of 10.5 mm can be achieved, whilst with a 5-station MultiTool, an outer circle of 16 mm can be realized.

Abdruckfreies MultiTool
Mark-free MultiTool

Special tool components in this tool guarantee optimal surface quality on the top and bottom sides of the sheet.

MultiTool with MultiCut inserts

Limitless flexibility: The tool enables the punching of 40 different diameters without any additional setup.

Ausstoß MultiTool
Ejector MultiTool

Process-reliable removal of laser-cut small parts with short tool change times.

Entgrat MultiTool
Deburring MultiTool

The tool presses punching burrs flat in a single stroke or in nibbling mode, even in corners and small contours.

Countersink MultiTool

Produce countersinks of different sizes with just one tool.

Präge-MultiTool EasyType
Embossing MultiTool Easy Type

For the embossing of all the letters of the Latin alphabet and characters, as well as the numbers from 0 to 9.


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