Programming Tube
Programming Tube

Programming Tube

Program tubes in 3D

Your software program for the world of tubes

With the 3D software Programming Tube*, you can create NC programs quickly, easily and intuitively: powerful automatisms reduce your programming effort. The software provides flexible data import and high-performance design – and supports you step-by-step throughout the entire programming process.

Productive programming

Thanks to the improved automatisms, create your NC programs even faster, and that counts also for threads.

Flexible processing

Import all common formats in Programming Tube and facilitate changes directly in 3D.

Intuitive usage

Easy to learn thanks to the modern intuitive usage and direct manipulation in 3D.

Reduced wastage

Bend connections, completely processed threads and technology mature programs help to reduce scrap.

Simply design in 3D

Import data from all current common data formats and design tubes and assemblies. Bend connections, connection and positioning aids between the tubes are completed at the touch of a button. Hence, the subsequent assembly and welding is made easier. Do you have a part to program with many threads? If so, the software automatically creates the NC program and the processing sequence from the thread parameters.  

Automatic creation of the NC program

Program completely in 3D – and program very quickly. Based on the design, the software creates your programs automatically.  Your job as a programmer is made easier and the software also determines just how the laser cutting machine should discharge parts or set threads. Your parts are processed directly and intuitively due to the user interface and the 3D simulation.

Take a look at programming Tube

Programming Tube does the programming of the part automatically, as soon as it uploaded.

Intuitive usage: Technology parameters and cutting lines can be adapted directly on the visualized 3D part by simply using the mouse.

The integrated 3D CAD facilitates the flexible import of parts and assemblies, and creates tube connections at the touch of a button

Programming happens automatically. Inclusive thread processing: Changes can be made intuitively at all times.

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*Programming Tube is the new programming software for tube cutting machines: You have the choice: Tops Tube Software is also still available.

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