Track & Trace Keyvisual
Track & Trace Keyvisual

Track&Trace indoor positioning system

Finding instead of searching

More transparency in your production

Sheet metal workers are increasingly challenged with the task of maintaining transparency throughout the production sequence. Additionally, their customers wish to be informed of the current status of an order – like they are used to in online retail. These new challenges require new intralogistics solutions which increase transparency. The Track&Trace indoor positioning system allows for parts to be pinpointed in the production hall, in real time, providing you with transparency over your shop floor at the press of a button. This spares you the laborious and costly task of searching for parts. Additionally, you can easily pinpoint express orders, and therefore intelligently prioritize work steps. 

Precise indoor positioning

The markers which can be attached to component stacks or tacked onto charge carriers for example, can be pinpointed via satellite in real time. This way nothing will ever become misplaced in your production ever again, and objects can be found at the press of a button.

Error-free operation

Track&Trace is based on ultra-wide-band technology (UWB). This makes the solution extraordinarily precise, fast at positioning, and robust. It is therefore ideally suitable for the industrial environment.

Intuitive visualization

The system can be displayed on a PC or mobile end device in a user-friendly manner.

"We have validated the accuracy of the system, and it truly does save money."

Tim Hellwig
Arnold AG

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