Digital enhancement of the machine, key visual

TRUMPF Machine Apps: turn data into values

An easy and free way to get the ball rolling when it comes to the digital future of your manufacturing – from now on, you'll receive your new ordered machine* with the TRUMPF Machine Apps already included, which means you'll have direct access to the TruConnect range of solutions. Machine data can now be analyzed immediately, and be displayed clearly depending on the user.

Increased transparency

Identify ways in which you can optimize your machine usage and evaluate the success of the measures you have taken.

Low investment costs

As part of the scope of delivery, your machine can automatically connect to the Cloud.

Role-specific provision of information

Depending on the task and role, you can collate the information that is relevant for you.

Secure access to your data, no matter where you are.

You have secure access to all of the data that is important to you using any mobile device due to the Internet connection.

All the functions at a glance

Machine Analytics
TRUMPF Machine Apps, German screenshot of Machine Analytics

Benefit from a higher machine utilization rate

Always maintain complete transparency over the performance of individual machines or of all your machines together. This helps you reach an optimum utilization rate, perform an idle state analysis, and successfully monitor any optimization measures implemented.

Live Status
TRUMPF Machine Apps, German screenshot of Live Status

React to problems more quickly

Improve the basis for your planning with a live overview of all of your machine's activities and any programs that are running. If an error occurs, you'll receive a notification via e-mail.

Punching Tool Analytics
TRUMPF Machine Apps, German screenshot of Punching Tool Analytics

Keep track of the number of strokes

You'll always have transparency over the number of strokes for your tool shapes – either for each machine individually or for all of your machines together.

Material Analytics
TRUMPF Machine Apps, German screenshot of Material Analytics

Optimize your purchase planning and stock keeping

Reliably evaluate your material usage according to area, weight, and sheet thickness. You can analyze the usage for an individual machine or for all of your machines collectively.

Program Analytics
TRUMPF Machine Apps, German screenshot of Program Analytics

Evaluate your finished production programs

Monitor the number of run-throughs, the average runtime, or the status. This enables you to make improvements directly in the program. Suitable programs for unmanned night shifts are identified quickly.

Role-specific views


* The following machines are available now in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands with the TRUMPF Machine Apps included: TruLaser Series 1000 / 3000 / 5000, TruLaser Center 7030, TruLaser Tube Series 3000 / 5000 / 7000, TruLaser Weld 5000, TruPunch 1000 (S19) / 5000, TruMatic 1000 fiber, TruBend Series 5000 / 7000 and TruBend Cell 5000 / 7000. The machine availability is constantly being expanded.

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