Efficient tender preparation: Your customers can simply do the calculations themselves.

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A quicker quotation

The creation of quotations is time consuming and takes a lot of effort. With WebCalculate, your customers can obtain a quotation more quickly as they simply do the calculation online themselves – fast, reliable, and tailor-made.

Fast reaction time

No more calculating is required from you – your customer can independently call up their quotation online.

A step ahead

Quotations around the clock mean that you are faster than the competition.

Reliable calculation basis

The calculation is based on the technology values of TRUMPF.

Individual calculation

WebCalculate takes your personal calculation requirements into account.

On the safe side

Integrated user management for your safety: You can determine who can carry out the calculations.

All requests safely recorded

Requests are saved in the database immediately.

Quotations around the clock


With WebCalculate, you provide your customers with the ability to create their own quotations – 24 hours a day, quickly and reliably. It is simply integrated into your existing Internet presence. Specific calculation requests, such as special conditions, machine-hour rates, labor costs, or profit margins are incorporated into the calculation.

5 steps to the quotation

6 Schritte von WebCalculate

Upload the drawing, select the unprocessed material, define work operations, start an individual calculation – and the quotation is done. You can be the first to provide a qualified quotation due to the fast quotation processing. Using the quick calculation, your customers can also include numerous parts with different production parameters in just one run.

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