Single & multiple mode VCSEL

940-nm multi-mode VCSELs

Super-fast laser pulsing

940-nm multiple-mode VCSELs

The 940-nm multi-mode VCSEL is an infrared light source for mobile consumer applications. The compact dimensions allow use of the laser diode in highly integrated sensors. This laser diode is ideally suited for time-of-flight distance sensors due to its power class and radiation characteristics.

Light emission from 4 mesas

4 mesas in parallel operation result in redundancy and increase operational safety.

940-nm laser emission

Light at 940 nm cannot be perceived by the human eye.

Short rise/fall time

Benefit from a very fast pulsing mode due to short rise/fall times.

Distance sensor system

The compact 940-nm laser diode is perfectly suitable for ranging applications, such as proximity or laser focusing in smartphones.

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