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Single & multimode VCSEL

Multimode VCSEL

940 nm multimode VCSEL

Single & multimode VCSEL

Multimode VCSEL

VCSEL arrays with random dot pattern at 940 nm

VCSEL with integrated Backside Optics
VCSEL with integrated Backside Optics
Single & multimode VCSEL

Multimode VCSEL

ViBO (VCSEL with integrated Backside Optics)

Multimode VCSEL

Multimode VCSELs are infrared light sources for mobile consumer applications. The compact dimensions allow use of the laser diodes in highly integrated sensors. These laser diodes are ideally suited for time-of-flight distance sensors due to their power class and radiation characteristics.

Light emission from one or more mesas

Mesas in parallel operation result in redundancy and increase operational safety.

940 nm laser emission

Light at 940 nm cannot be perceived by the human eye.

Short rise/fall time

Benefit from a very fast pulsing mode due to short rise/fall times.

Exceptional reliability

More than 1.5 billion VCSELs used without any failures.

Distance sensor system

The compact 940 nm laser diode is perfectly suitable for ranging applications, such as proximity or laser focusing in smartphones.


VCSEL arrays are excellent for LiDAR applications. Very low rise and fall times of the optical pulses make ultrashort pulses with high peak power possible. The addressability of the different segments on the VCSEL arrays can significantly improve the system performance.

Structured light

Structured light applications can be addressed very well with VCSEL arrays as the light source. Processing at wafer level with the latest semiconductor processing systems enables the smallest spacing and individual arrangements of emitters.


Multimode VCSEL arrays are perfect light sources for IR lighting. The low spectral range and outstanding power across a temperature interval enable very good system performances.

940 nm multimode VCSEL

Mini multimode VCSEL array with four emitters for time-of-flight applications

VCSEL array with random dot pattern at 940 nm

VCSEL array for structured light systems. Emitter design with random scattering for progressive applications with structured light

ViBO product image, front


ViBO stands for VCSEL integrated Backside Optics. This is an advanced, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate VCSEL array technology with monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. The platform offers a top view that is 5 times smaller compared to other packaged VCSEL solutions. Furthermore, the integrated optics enable an inherently eye-safe system throughout the entire product life cycle. ViBO solutions are particularly interesting for 3D sensor applications in the areas of consumer electronics, automotive and other industrial sectors.

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