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Airflow rectifier

Mechanical engineering and system construction TruPrint Aluminum Additive manufacturing

This is a flow rectifier in the TruPrint 5000 that is essential for the effective circulation of shielding gas. Additive manufacturing enables the production of complex geometries at consistent or slightly higher component costs, thus generating a technical added value. This enables the unrestricted optimization of the flow without reaching the limits of the design. A key phrase is: 'Complexity for free'.

Additively manufactured airflow rectifier

Flow-optimized design
Monolithic design

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: AlSi10Mg

Volume: 126 cm³

Components: 2

Height: 385 cm (mounted)

Weight: 171g

Construction duration: 14.5 h for 5 units 

Number of layers: 376 

Created by: TRUMPF

Additive manufacturing is a fast and cost-effective alternative to conventional manufacturing methods, especially when it comes to complex, flow-optimized geometries like this one.

Florian Schaede

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TruPrint 3000

TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine (LMF / PBF / LPBF) with Industrial Part and Powder Management. This mean you benefit from even more flexibility, quality and productivity for your additive series production – now also with the full-field multilaser option with two 500 watt lasers from TRUMPF. Productivity is almost doubled, independent of the component geometry, and the part costs are significantly decreased.

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