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Inductor segments

Mechanical engineering and system construction TruPrint Copper Additive manufacturing

This is part of the inductor segment from TRUMPF Hüttinger that is installed in generators used for industrial heating. The additive manufacturing of the inductive segment makes time-consuming soldering work unnecessary and reduces the risk of leaks caused by remelting previous soldering seams. This ensures that the production process for inductors is more reliable and cost-effective in comparison to multi-stage manual soldering.

AM design

Conventional design made up of three single parts

Conventional design, single parts are welded together

Reduced amount of soldering work
Reduced risk of leaks
Fewer components
Reduced amount of work

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Facts & figures about the example part

Material: Cu-ETP

Components: 3 (conventionally 5)

Soldering work: 2 (conventionally 4)

Processed components: 0 (conventionally 1)

Weight:  120 g

Created by: TRUMPF

The partial amalgamation of individual pipe segments into a 3D-printed part reduces the number of production steps and prevents the unwanted melting of existing solder joints. This helps to reduce costs and the risks of leakages.

Harald Stettin

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TruPrint 5000 Green Edition

The TruPrint 5000 Green Edition is the medium-format 3D printing system for processing reflective materials such as copper or precious metals. As such, the 3D printer opens up new opportunities for additive manufacturing of large components, induction coils or components for complex cooling applications, e.g. for power electronics and optoelectronics.

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