1. Lightweight body design

TRUMPF lasers are perfect for lightweight designs and flexible production processes in the automotive industry. This applies in particular to the construction of modern electric vehicles. Due to accurate and precise production, considerable savings can be made in terms of weight and material during the manufacture of the vehicle body.

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2. Power train

The electric power train must be able to withstand high mechanical stresses. TRUMPF lasers ensure the high-tensile, and permanent joint connections necessary for this.

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3. Battery system

The energy storage system is the central element of every electric vehicle. The laser is perfect for its sensitive components as it can work reliably and without contact.

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4. Power electronics

Switches, plugs, sensors, and actuators – using lasers, TRUMPF customers can weld both the smallest electronic components as well as contacts and components for the transfer of high currents.

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Lightweight body design

No matter whether you are looking at part costs or weight, a lightweight design with a high number of variants and small quantities is a central aim during the construction of electric cars. TRUMPF lasers open up completely new possibilities for the processing of lightweight materials: From aluminum to high-tensile steel to fiber-reinforced materials – our lasers shape everything precisely and accurately. Here, they make optimal use of the material and are very flexible when it comes to the geometry. And another advantage is that this is all possible without additional special tools.

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Power train

In comparison to gasoline cars, battery-powered electric drives have the advantage that the torque is available almost immediately. This also means that the drives have to withstand higher dynamic requirements, however. High-tensile connections in large quantities therefore have to be produced during manufacture. TRUMPF lasers provide the precision and productivity necessary for this, and are crucial in making the more compact form of e-drives possible in the first place.

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Battery system

The battery system in an electric car has to be compact, reliable, and safely installed. The price increases with the power density, however. Efficient production on laser machines with a high level of productivity and low part costs enables large quantities to be manufactured at low prices.

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Power electronics

Especially for electric vehicles, the control and querying of the current status of all components plays a central role. Electronic components that have been processed cleanly and to a high quality are necessary for the exchange of this huge amount of data. In this way, laser-welded, firmly bonded connections ensure the loss-free transport of current from the battery, via the inverter, to the motor.

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