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Are daily presence meetings still appropriate for our times? The coronavirus crisis has shown that collaboration can often work on a digital platform, or in other words remotely. As Smart Factory Consultants, we have also learned from this and have continued to digitize our consulting services for you. However, digital consultation does not mean that we only advise you virtually. Depending on the project status, personal meetings are important. The right mix is decisive for the result – we combine the advantages of the digital consultation concept with onsite consultancy services.

TRUMPF has its roots in metal processing and understands our issues. That is what is so great about it. There are a great many automation specialists and process optimizers, but it gets really complicated if you have to explain to them how the business works before you can even get started.

Thomas Goswin
CEO of SCHRAG Kantprofile GmbH
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Digitalization must not be an end in itself. However, its potential is often underestimated. We help you to find the right level of digitalization for your needs.

Christina Sandu
Head of Smart Factory Consulting

Cost reduction is the focus of many companies, not just in economically challenging times. This is why the first step toward cost optimization is to create transparency. We create a solid database in collaboration with you, drawing attention to the relevant parameters.

Uwe Cichowicz
Smart Factory Consultant

What are our customers concerned with in terms of sustainability?

"Everyone is talking about digitalization, but as sheet metal processors where do we even begin?"

"It would be good to have a sparring partner who understands us and has the necessary expertise."

"We just don't have the time in our daily business to plan strategically."

This is precisely where we come in:

Our service covers process optimization, factory planning and strategy consulting. In process optimization projects, for example, we collect information, then analyze and evaluate it. This can be almost entirely represented on a digital platform. The same applies for the subsequent conception phase where we develop recommended courses of action.

How does the digital consultation concept work?

Creating a common foundation

It is impressive what can be achieved with digitalization. However, it cannot replace human interaction: digital consultation needs a basis of mutual trust to play to its strengths. We decide with you which project steps are implemented digitally, and which ones are taken care of onsite. Digital consultation has additional advantages:

You reduce your expenditure for consultant days

At the same time, you benefit from the fact that the consultants are more available, remotely at your side even at short notice.

You reduce your ecological footprint

...and save resources by not travelling.

Measurable results

You simplify production planning, enhance quality in the production, increase productivity and improve maintenance cycles and sequences.

Implemented solutions which work in the long-term

... create a passion to continue developing the accomplishments.

Why TRUMPF Consulting?

As a solutions provider for sheet metal processing, we understand where you are coming from. We speak the language of the production management as much as of the production employees. As Smart Factory Consultants, we think strategically and act pragmatically. We accompany your strategic development comprehensively, passionately and on an equal footing. We pass our experience from our own production directly on to you to drive forward the digital transition in your production sustainably. We develop innovative concepts and solutions and accompany you up to complete and successful implementation – in other words: until you are fully satisfied.

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