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Blechexpo: TRUMPF launches new 2D laser cutting machine for beginners

New TruLaser 1000 with up to 70 percent more feed rate // High processing quality thanks to efficient cooling // The machine’s simple operation and high material diversity make it ideal for beginners or companies looking to increase their production capacity

Ditzingen, Germany, September 16, 2021 – At Blechexpo, the high-tech company TRUMPF will present the new generation of the TruLaser Series 1000 –with more productivity, process stability and cost-effectiveness. For the first time, the Highspeed Eco function is being used on this machine type. Here, a nozzle developed by TRUMPF directs the cutting gas specifically to the sheet metal. This increases the machine’s feed rate by up to 70 percent, while reducing gas consumption by around 60 percent. The machine cuts sheet metal significantly faster than conventional 2D laser machines. In addition, the new series also features CoolLine technology for the first time. This function automatically sprays water mist onto the sheet to ensure optimum cooling during the cutting process. In this way, even sheets up to 25 millimeters thick can be cut precisely.

Risk of collision reduced to a minimum

Another new feature of this machine type is the intelligent Smart Collision Prevention function. TRUMPF relies here on a sophisticated algorithm that calculates, for example, the sequence in which the parts must be cut in order to avoid collisions between tilting parts and the cutting head. This reduces downtime and improves production efficiency. The new TruLaser Series 1000 is easy and intuitive to operate. Hundreds of cutting data for different materials and sheet thicknesses are already stored in the operating software. Production workers can select the cutting program at the touch of a button and get started right away. “Thanks to its high productivity, broad range of applications and ease of operation, the new generation of the TruLaser 1000 is ideal for companies that want to get into 2D laser cutting. It also ideally complements the machine fleets of companies that already use 2D laser cutting and want to increase their capacity,” says TRUMPF Product Manager Jean-Baptiste Karam. The new machine is about 10 percent cheaper than its predecessor. The machine design has been deliberately kept simple and thus optimally meets the requirements of beginners or companies that already work in one to two-shift operation.

High material variety, minimum setup time

The TruLaser Series 1000 can be used for a wide variety of materials – it cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper with ease. This allows companies to use it for a wide range of applications. An automatic nozzle changer also contributes to the ease of use. With this technology, the new TruLaser Series 1000 automatically replaces the cutting nozzle as soon as the material changes. This eliminates manual intervention by personnel and reduces setup time.

Machine with versatile options for automation

The new generation of machines will be available from Blechexpo 2021 in three external dimensions: 3×1.5 meters, 4×2 meters and 6×2.5 meters. Users can choose different laser powers between three and six kilowatts for their machine. Furthermore, the machine can be expanded to include various automation functions for loading and unloading. At the highest level, it is possible to operate it without personnel.

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TruLaser 1000
The new TruLaser 1000 series from TRUMPF is ideal for beginners or companies looking to increase their manufacturing capacity. (Source: TRUMPF / Martin Stollberg)

The new TruLaser Series 1000 is easy and intuitive to operate. (Source: TRUMPF / Martin Stollberg)

Material diversity
The new TruLaser Series 1000 can process a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and copper. (Source: TRUMPF / Martin Stollberg)

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