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Security | TRUMPF

Security Update

There is a security vulnerability in certain Windows operating systems, including Windows Embedded versions used in TRUMPF machines. We want to ensure that you and the assets you have invested in TRUMPF technology are effectively shielded against such risks.

We have therefore developed an Online Update-Manager that automatically downloads the latest security updates from our server at regular intervals. In this way, you can be sure that your machinery always has the best protection against security risks without having to take any additional steps yourself.

To install the Online Update Manager and download the security update for the above-mentioned security vulnerability, please confirm your acceptance of our data policy concerning the shared use of machine data.

Download security update with Online Update Manager

Nach Akzeptieren der Vereinbarung über die Nutzung von Maschinendaten können Sie sich hier das Sicherheits-Update herunterladen

Download security update without Online Update Manager

Wenn Sie die Vorteile eines automatischen Sicherheits-Updates über den Online Update-Manager nicht nutzen, sondern nur das aktuelle Sicherheits-Update herunterladen möchten, können Sie dies hier tun.

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