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Our program

Network, communicate, inspire at INTECH

Visit one of our daily theme dialogues or tours

Experience Industry 4.0

With TruConnect, get from drawings to sorted parts 

Industry 4.0 at TRUMPF

This is how our sheet metal production works

The electric mobility trend

What it means for sheet metal and tube procession

Autonomous laser cutting

How your machine regulates its own feed rate

TruLaser Weld live presentation

From the CAD model to the welding program in four simple steps

So small and yet automated!

How to use compact punch and punch laser machines more efficiently

Industry 4.0 at TRUMPF

Punching tools in the Smart Factory

Laser Metal Fusion and Laser Metal Deposition

Additive Manufacturing at TRUMPF

Laser Metal Fusion

Identify 3D printing parts and optimize parts design for additive manufacturing

Presentations by the TRUMPF Human Resources department

Additionally, our Human Resources department will be giving presentations during the INTECH. Come and take a look!

  • Intrapreneurship at TRUMPF (Tuesday and Thursday, morning)
  • Innovative learning formats and business game 4.0 (Tuesday and Thursday, afternoon)
  • Possibilities for working hour flexibilisation (Wednesday, afternoon)
  • F4DIA: Fit for the digital world of work (Thursday morning, Friday afternoon)
  • Employer branding for small and medium-sized companies (Friday morning)

Business Talk

"Braking late, hitting the gas early, and still not flying out of the curve"
A talk about the challenges that the Formula 1 and companies have in common.

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Speaker: Starting on October 1, 1990, and covering more than 22 years, Norbert Haug led the premium brand Mercedes-Benz for the longest time and in terms of racing victories, during the most successful phase of active racing in the 125-year history of the brand.


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