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Travel and accommodation

We would like to make your stay in Zielonka as pleasant as possible. The following includes important information regarding your trip.


TRUMPF Huettinger Sp. z o.o. 
Marecka 47
05-220 Zielonka

Phone: +48 22 7613-800   or   +49-761-8971-0

We have booked room contingents in the following hotels

Hotel Trylogia
ul. Poniatowskiego 46
05-220 Zielonka

Hotel Mistral
ul. Słoneczna 1
05-270 Marki

Hotel Mansor
ul. ks. Ignacego Skorupki 3 i 5
05-091 Ząbki

Hotel U Pietrzaków
ul. Lipowa 20
05-220 Zielonka

The room contingent is available until September 1st .
Please state "PE Conference" when booking your room.

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