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Brief and yet unique – join in our expert speed dating!

Join our experts in conversation about a subject you selected in advance. Whether it's micro, macro or marking - our specialists will give you a brief and personal glimpse into our applications, solutions and services. These business speed dating encounters will take place between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., as well as between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

TruDisk technology

Are you interested in an overview of our TruDisk product portfolio and all the newest developments? During this speed dating, we would be happy to present to you the structure and functions of our tried and tested CW high power disk lasers with outputs of up to 16 kW.

TruMicro ultrashort pulse laser technology

Unrivaled laser peak power and at the same time, low overall costs throughout its entire life cycle: you will discover these and further advantages of the ultrashort pulse lasers of our TruMicro series during this speed dating encounter.

TruMark technology

Traceability of components is becoming obligatory across all industries. Visit our speed dating to hear our experts will explain exactly why the laser is the ideal tool for labeling components which are sometimes very complex and uneven.

TruDiode / TruFiber technology

The TruFiber is the latest member of our high-power laser product family for narrow and deep weld seams. The energy-efficient TruDiode laser is the gold standard for plastic welding. A conversation with our experts will reveal more merits of both laser technologies.

TruMicro ultrashort pulse laser technology

Our short pulse lasers with 30 ns and up to 2000 W are designed for ablation, roughening or near-surface remelting of metals. During this speed dating exercise, you will discover how you too can benefit from our lasers in the nanosecond range.

TruPulse technology

The flexible TruPulse laser series facilitates precise adaptation to customer requirements due to a great diversity of beam sources. Let this speed dating demonstrate how we can offer you lasers as required thanks to manifold interface options and flexible beam trajectories with time-sharing and energy-sharing.

Fieldbus integration / PLC control of solid-state lasers

Simple integration - this makes TRUMPF lasers stand out owing to flexible interfaces to all prevalent field bus systems and possible PLC control. A conversation with our specialists will reveal more.

Control and operation of marking lasers

Digital I/Os, field bus systems, TLV commands, TTM-MI and other interfaces - our marking lasers can be controlled and operated in a variety of ways. Find out how you can benefit from them as well during our speed dating.

Real-time control and pulse-on-demand in micro material processing

Perhaps you are wondering what the advantages are of single-pulse precision micro material processing and control options for the TruMicro 2000 and TruMicro 5000? Our specialists would love to respond to this question during the speed dating.

Industry 4.0 functionalities and Condition and Data Based Services

Condition and data-based services are innovative service solutions generated from the data from competitive advantages and productivity increases. This speed dating will show how you can pave the way to Industry 4.0 with these functionalities.

Optimal laser utilization

Get to know concepts for distributing laser power output to several processing stations and find out more about our intelligent beam trajectory options which will help you to utilize your lasers in the best possible way.

Laser control in the TRUMPF Laser Network

Interested in a short overview of the easy-to-use TRUMPF Laser Network (TLN) with which our solid-state lasers can be used for the most diverse machining processes in a highly productive manner? In this case, this speed dating is just right for you.

TruControl operation of solid-state lasers

Get to know the current laser operating options in this speed dating and catch a glimpse of the next generation along with our experts. We will also show you how you can intuitively program the PFO with your iPad.

Processing optics

Whether it's welding, remote welding, ablation or cleaning: you will achieve high-quality process results with the robust focusing optics and PFOs. Our speed dating will reveal all you need to know about the modular TRUMPF kit.

Clever beamforming concepts for macro connections

Processing optics are the central factor in modern laser processing and permit far more today than just laser radiation focusing. Let our experts advise you with any questions you might have.

Clever beamforming concepts for micro connections

The targeted adaptation of the intensity distribution from linear or ring-shaped to completely customized profiles optimizes your application processes in many ways. Find out how you too can benefit from the development of new processing strategies.

Cooling concepts for solid state lasers and optics

We will provide you with information on our intelligent cooling concept for TRUMPF solid state lasers in this speed dating. These are equipped with an integrated heat exchanger as standard and can also be obtained optionally with an integrated compressor cooler.

Image processing with VisionLine

Let our speed dating demonstrate how you too can play it safe with TRUMPF process sensors. Our VisionLine image processing avoids defective parts as it simply detects the component position automatically.

Temperature control for plastic welding and hardening

Did you know that the new innovative temperature control for laser edge layer hardness and plastic welding ensures consistent hardness and welding results? We would love to explain this to you in more detail in our speed dating.

Welding depth monitoring

Welding depth monitoring enables 100% control of the required welding depth. In contrast to random cross-sections, a 100% check of the welding depth along the entire seam is now ensured. Process data can be documented and analyzed for quality assurance for each component. Discover in this speed dating how you too can weld easily and safely.

Beam guiding and machining strategies in laser micromachining processes

We will let you know about using scanners and fixed optics for precise processing in the micrometer range during speed dating. Let us also show you how beam splitting concepts and beam formation can be utilized to increase throughput and quality.

Seam position control for remote laser processing

TRUMPF provides highly integrated solutions for remote laser beam welding of fillet seams in overlapping joints. Using the light section measuring procedure or OCT (optical coherence tomography), the edge ahead of the laser beam is detected and the position is readjusted in real time in relation to the edge. The surface topology is measured after the process. We will also explain during speed dating how you can weld highly productively with one tool and in conjunction with I-PFO fillet seams and overlapping seams.

Laser safety and CE conformity declaration

Users are considering dust to be an increasingly critical topic in laser processing. We would like to demonstrate to you how our portfolio conforms with the machinery directive, in particular with laser safety in accordance with EN 60825-1.

As of: 2018-07-26, subject to modifications

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