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LASYS trade show: TRUMPF presents its new fiber laser, the TruFiber 2000 P - a real powerhouse

This new fiber laser is suitable for a wide range of applications // Automatic Laser Power Control compensates the effects of diode aging // Simple integration and easy operation

Ditzingen, Stuttgart June 21, 2022 – With the TruFiber 2000 P, TRUMPF is presenting a new 2kW fiber laser at the LASYS exhibition in Stuttgart. This laser is a driving force, utilizing TRUMPF’s latest generation of optical engines, and is the basis for quite a few processing solutions. “The TruFiber 2000 P is incredibly flexible, and suits a range of applications ranging from laser cutting to laser welding and additive manufacturing”, says Mark Richmond, Product Manager CW Laser at TRUMPF.

Whether e-mobility or medical technology: new laser is versatile in its use

The 2kW laser offers both excellent beam quality and an optical laser cable length as long as 10 meters, giving enhanced flexibility. Users from various industries such as e-mobility, automotive or medical technology can easily integrate the TruFiber 2000 P into their production systems. An important feature of this fiber laser is TruControl. This laser controller provides the user with a convenient start-up of the laser, definition and the storage of up to 1000 different laser programs. In addition, this fiber laser offers all the relevant interface buses.

Automatic Laser Power Control compensates effects of diode aging

“The TruFiber 2000 P has an inherent power stability over an eight-hour shift. The stability can be even further improved over the same time using the Automatic Laser Power Control option”, explains Richmond. What’s more, this option eliminates the effects of diode aging. The wide range of coolant temperatures from 18° to 30° Celsius allows operation in most ambient conditions using easily available coolant supplies. “This laser is the product of a great combined effort drawing together teams from TRUMPF’s global research and development organization”, says Richmond.                                                                  

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TruFiber 2000 P

The new fiber laser with 2 kW laser power has high power stability and is suitable for numerous applications. (Source: TRUMPF)


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