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TRUMPF’s new SortMaster Compact removes and stacks parts, saves space

New automation options for TruPunch 1000 and TruMatic 1000 fiber punching and punch laser machines // Automated parts removal and stacking // Built into the machine to save space

Ditzingen/Stuttgart, November 5, 2019 – The TruPunch 1000 punching machine and the TruMatic 1000 fiber punch-laser machine can now be upgraded to remove and stack parts automatically. All users have to do is equip these machines with a SortMaster Compact. This enables them to boost the quality of parts and operate the machines over extended periods in automated mode.

Hood opens when parts are finished

TRUMPF has opted to conceal the SortMaster Compact under a movable hood in the machine. Its suction cups travel over the metal sheet and remove parts from the scrap skeleton on the machine table. They also hold sheet-metal parts in place when the machine makes the final separation stroke. The suction cups vary in size and can be controlled individually to reliably remove even smaller parts. These can be as small as 70 by 30 millimeters and as large as 600 by 400 millimeters. The SortMaster Compact places the parts on a pallet that is carried on a standard cart. When all parts are finished, the SortMaster Compact opens its hood and the operator can move the cart to the next station down the line.

Add-on for loading blanks

The SortMaster Compact complements existing automation solutions for these systems. The SheetMaster Compact automates the task of loading blanks into the two machines and unloading scrap skeleton and microjoint sheets. The built-in sorting function can also convey small parts to boxes underneath the machine. Users who initially opt for the automated sheet and skeleton sheet loading and unloading option can retrofit the SortMaster Compact. The TruPunch 1000 and TruMatic 1000 fiber’s compact footprints stay small with the SortMaster Compact.

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SortMaster Compact

TRUMPF integrated the SortMaster Compact into the machine and protected it with a movable hood.

SortMaster Compact in Aktion

The SortMaster Compact removes parts from the scrap skeleton on the machine table and stacks them on a pallet transported on a cart.

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