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PA² will be a platform for giving insights into utilization of cutting edge technology for particle accelerators and the use of different accelerator systems in scientific and industrial environment such as analysis of matter, accelerator driven systems and future medical treatment.

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November 15th – 16th 2022 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The presentations held cover the status of accelerator projects at the main accelerator facilities world-wide, the upgrade status to the latest technology and the advantages of the transistor based modular amplifier concept. Additionally, we have invited speaker demonstrating the use of accelerators for medical purposes and in a special application session show how laser-generated nanoparticles can help to utilize synchrotron radiation and even potentially improve the tumor treatment through protons.

Session 1: Synchrotron and Hadron Facilities

Particle Accelerator facilities exist around the globe. The light sources and the enormous impact of fast hadrons attract some of the most brilliant researchers around the world to perform a variety of highly attractive experiments.

But behind the scenes a very skilled interdisciplinary team keeps the particles running and paves the way to new velocities. 

Listen to experts of industry and research reporting on their achievements and and providing a foresighted outlook on the possibilities of the near future.

Session 2: Application of Accelerated Particles

From fundamental research and application of synchrotron radiation to the improvement of tumor treatment via laser-generated nanoparticles – we will cover a board range of sophisticated utilization from accelerated particles. Beyond the fascinating capability to extract highly brilliant photons from electrons a view to ongoing activities for future accelerator driven systems will be given in this session.

Already in operation and rapidly growing: the use of accelerators for tumor treatment is an emerging field. Since the launch of the first facility operating with heavy ions in Europe in 2009 great success in continuously improving this technology was made.


Session 3: Industry Technology for Particle Accelerators

Be it RF amplifier technology, particle sources, vacuum technology, LLRF signals - building an accelerator does not only require an enormous effort of experts in different fields working together. It also needs industrial partners capable of delivering such products meeting the demands for probably the worlds most complicated machines.

With the understanding that this is a very interdisciplinary task, PA² will be a platform where industry partners present their achievements for particle accelerators.

Listen to talks from providers of important technology building blocks needed in accelerators. Experienced specialists report on successes, challenges, hurdles and lessons learned.

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