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Good advice: talk to our experts

Visit us in building 2.3 as well, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can talk to our industry and product experts in our consultation areas about our highlights in the areas of lasers, software, optics and sensor systems.

Operating the TruTops Mark 3.0

Experience the new version of TruTops Mark 3.0 in a live demonstration. The software combines all the functions of the TruMark marking software in one single intuitive machine user interface..

Programming the PFO and I-PFO

Find out how to program your 2D and 3D laser processes with the offline software TruTops PFO. You will also discover how to utilize the advantages of intelligent remote processing with the I-PFO.

TruTops Mark Module Interface

Let us show you how you can design the content, appearance and arrangement of the TruTops Mark machine user interface according to your requirements using the TruTops Mark Module Interface (TTM-MI).

Customer-specific projects with OEM solid state lasers

Standard laser devices or standard optics are often insufficient for specific applications. We will show you which technically high-quality special-purpose solutions we can offer you as well as the sequence of a special project at TRUMPF.

Customer-specific projects with marking lasers

TRUMPF also provides individual configurations and customer-specific solutions for marking tasks. Which ones? We are happy to advise you.

Worldwide service presence / demands on TRUMPF customer service

Whether it's about rectifying technical faults or guiding you through a problem - we will show you how the competence of our service experts can be to your advantage all over the world.


No matter if you are involved in welding, cutting, ablation, heating or drilling - let us demonstrate to you how you can achieve high-quality process results with the robust focusing optics from TRUMPF.

Laser portfolio

TRUMPF offers a unique portfolio of laser technology and systems. We would like to advise you on how we can provide the correct solution for your machine and system construction.

Advantages of integration of a standard laser cell in an automated production environment

We would like to explain to you the advantages of integration of a TRUMPF laser cell in an automated production environment and how we can best support you in that during a one-to-one chat.

TRUMPF application services

Our application know-how is your heartbeat. Let us show you how you can gain the competitive edge with the know-how and long-standing experience of our TRUMPF application specialists.

Shrinking as a preceding step of a weld seam process

In many components (e.g. control gears), the individual parts are connected with each other by means of a joining process before the actual laser welding process. During inductive shrinking, an individual part is purposefully heated inductively, causing it to expand or extend so that another part can be inserted. During the cooling process, the heated part shrinks again, creating a fixed connection between the two components. The laser welding process is carried out subsequently.

As of: 2018-07-26, subject to modifications

Conference program 2018

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