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TruLaser Center 7030, cabeçote de corte em ação

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Machine tools and laser systems – that is our specialty. Let our customized solutions for your connected production convince you!

2D laser cutting machines

TruLaser Series 1000: The compact space-savers

There has never been so much TRUMPF for your money! First class TRUMPF quality and expertise with low investment and low operating costs – that's what you get with the machines of the TruLaser Series 1000, that you can lease starting at €18 per hour.* Your solid-state laser impresses with its robust design and performance that will last you for years. In addition, the machine scores with its easy-to-learn operation and numerous intelligent functions. Due to its convenient interfaces, the machines of the TruLaser Series 1000 are also easy to automate or to connect to other machines.

*Currently only available in selected countries. Depending on the country and customer, we calculate your leasing offer for you. Please contact us.

Nanojoints: New function for 2D laser cutting machines

In contrast to microjoints, nanojoints only fix the component to the scrap skeleton via a small stop point at the lower end of the kerf. This leads to a process reliable sheet processing, since tilting of the components is prevented. The damage to contours at the lower end of the kerf is minimal and you can release your components from the scrap skeleton more easily. Nanojoints allow you to nest more closely – you use your resources more efficiently and benefit from higher productivity.

TruLaser 3080 fiber: Particularly material-saving, even with XXL sheets

The TruLaser 3080 fiber cuts all component sizes from the smallest parts to oversized formats. You can use it for a wide range of applications and expand your portfolio. The machine effortlessly cuts components out of sheet metal up to 8 m long. It is particularly suitable for heavy and large components weighing up to 7,850 kg, such as facades or trailers for trucks or cranes, and can also be used in multi-shift operation without automation. 

TruLaser Center 7030: The first full-service laser machine

High process reliability or high productivity? The TruLaser Center 7030 solves this classic dilemma in laser processing for the first time. The fully automated machine takes care of your entire laser processing process – from drawings to sorted parts. Speed and thus groundbreaking productivity are ensured by the new machine concept with additional axis and superimposed axis movements. You can now also extend the laser power to 12 kW. The perfect interaction of the components makes the machine incomparably economical.

TruLaser 3030 fiber: The flexible standard machine

The TruLaser 3030 fiber impress with a high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness: You can cut all sheet thickness profitably. The TruDisk solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals and provides you with a productivity benefit in thick and thin sheet. BrightLine fiber guarantees the highest edge quality and facilitates part removal. Numerous other functions ensure the highest reliability and performance possible. From simple loading through to fully automated loading and unloading including part separation and storage connection, everything is now possible with the TruLaser Series 3000.

EdgeLine Bevel: New function for 2D laser cutting machines

With the new EdgeLine Bevel process, you can introduce chamfers and countersinks directly on the machine into the components. This saves you additional process steps. The simple and fast programming supports the variety of applications. This means you can process chamfers with different angles and countersinks in several sizes.

3D laser cutting machines

Laser tube cutting machines

Laser welding systems

Additive production systems

Bending machines

All exhibits at a glance

2D laser cutting machines
  • TruLaser 1030 fiber

  • TruLaser 3030 fiber

  • TruLaser 3080 fiber (digital presentation)

  • TruLaser 3030

  • TruLaser 5030 fiber

  • TruLaser Center 7030

3D laser cutting machines
  • TruLaser Cell 5030
  • TruLaser Cell 8030
  • TruLaser Cell 3000
Laser tube cutting machines
  • TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber
  • TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber
  • TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber
Laser welding systems and the arc welding cell
  • TruLaser Cell 3000
  • TruLaser Cell 5030
  • TruLaser Station 7000
  • TruLaser Weld 1000
  • TruLaser Weld 5000
  • TruArc Weld 1000
Marking systems
  • TruMark Station 7000
3D printing systems
  • TruPrint 1000
  • TruPrint 2000
  • TruPrint 3000
  • TruPrint 5000
Punching machines
  • TruPunch 5000
Punch laser machines
  • TruMatic 1000 fiber

  • TruMatic 3000 fiber

  • TruMatic 6000

  • TruMatic 7000

Bending machines
  • TruBend Series 3000

  • TruBend Series 5000

  • TruBend Series 7000

  • TruBend Series 8000

  • TruBend Cell 5000

  • TruBend Cell 7000

  • TruBend Center 7030

Storage systems
  • TruStore 3030

  • STOPA large-scale storage systems