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Short, but individual - Take part in speed dating with experts!

Whether specific applications, processes, sensor systems or overriding topics such as e-mobility or digitization - in a 15-minute exchange, our experts will provide you with an overview of all trends and developments in the laser area that are relevant to the automotive industry. Obtain an overview of all the solutions and technologies that drive your production forward in minimum time. Speed dating on the following topics will take place between 2:00 and 4:30 pm. Please register for a maximum of five speed dating sessions with experts by January 31, 2019. You can find the form under "Registration".

Safe welding in the throat with Remote (seam tracking)

New joining geometries and material constellations require increasingly precise positioning of the laser spot on the workpiece, e.g. in a throat. At the same time, there are increasing demands on the flexibility and robustness of the processes. Discuss with the experts the new options offered for your processes by sensor technology .

Position recognition of components before welding and quality data assurance

Demanding joining processes and high demands on component quality make it necessary to register component and seam positions before welding and to measure the seam after welding. Learn from our experts which options you are offered by laser and sensor technology.

Welding of 6000 series aluminum alloys in crack-critical seam position

The potential of new aluminum alloys for lightweight automotive design is great. However, nowadays 6000 series aluminum alloys can only be welded at high effort without filler material. Learn from our experts how to push today's process boundaries and weld your components

Clean copper bonding - the right technology for your application

The number of current-carrying components and thus the number of copper components and copper joints is increasing not only, but especially, due to the increasing electrification. Welding these components cleanly without spatter and smoke is one of the great challenges. Discuss with our application experts how to avoid spatter during welding and make your components cleaner.

Laser processing in the e-drive process chain

Whether a hybrid, fuel cell or battery electric vehicle - all of them require an electric motor for the drive. The challenges lie in implementing high power within the smallest possible space and achieving high productivity and quality in production. With its sensor system and the process control options, the laser technology offers new approaches for the production of drives. Our experts are available to answer your questions on the production of the drive of the future.

Battery production solutions, laser applications in battery production

In addition to the electric drive, the battery is, from the cell to the pack, one of the core components of an electrified vehicle - from the power of the vehicle up to its range. The production technology is also of great significance here with regard to the quality and costs of the components. Ask our experts about new technologies and solutions for the production of the battery.

Laser applications in the powertrain

Conventional powertrain components are still required, even if the vehicle is electrified. Not to mention the millions of vehicles with combustion engines. Laser technology enables new materials to be welded in this field in order to achieve higher torques in the powertrain or reduce the weight. Discuss these new options in the entire powertrain together with our experts.

Cleaning and structuring of components

Many applications require the cleaning and/or structuring of components - whether for the enlargement of the surface or cleaning tasks. In these cases the laser is an economical and ecological alternative to mechanical and chemical processes in order to process surfaces selectively and quickly. Discuss with our experts the manifold options of laser technology.

Additive manufacturing and surface adaptation - high productivity due to laser metal deposition

From the functional layer to structures, from NVH to the load-compliant optimization of components: powder deposition welding offers a wealth of new technological solutions. Discuss with our experts the new approaches and options of powder deposition welding.

Generative production of complex components due to Laser Metal Fusion

3D printing is on everyone's lips. And the bionic design of components and functional integration are current buzzwords. But often the corresponding industrial maturity and productivity do not yet exist. Discuss with our experts how new machine generations can shift today's application limits and enable new designs.

BrightLine Weld for penetration welding, R&P continuous application, tailored welded blanks and overlap joints in sheet metal structures

The BrightLine Weld technology has recently often proven its ability to increase welding speeds and/or reduce spatter in the field of welding. However, the field of penetration welding has remained undeveloped to this day. Find out from our experts which potential can be tapped and which new areas of application can be opened up due to penetration welding.

The diverse options of the TruMark portfolio - traceability, individualization, cleaning and surface structuring

Joining preparation, traceability and individualization - only three topics currently being discussed at component level in the automotive production sector. A tool for solving these tasks is the marking laser. Allow our experts to inspire you in conversation to find out which solutions the marking laser is capable of.

Industry 4.0 - Condition and data-based services

Industry 4.0 - A buzzword that has been around for several years now. But what does it mean to you? How can you optimize your production with Industry 4.0? Discuss solutions and applications for the visualization of your laser systems and other topics with our experts.

Quo vadis beam source?

Infrared or green, direct diode or disk lasers - the world of beam sources is becoming more and more diverse. Discuss with our experts where the journey may go and which beam source is ideal for your application.

Laser welding and design with/of tubes and profiles

Tubes and profiles are used extensively today in exhaust gas systems or profile-intensive shell constructions. But they also allow new designs for frames or fixtures. Discuss with our experts how to design with tubes and how to process them.

Laser-friendly design in the thin sheet metal sector

Sheet metal - an old and well-known material that, when used correctly, enables new, lightweight and cost-effective designs. Allow yourself to be inspired in the discussion by our experts on how to produce complex 3D components of sheet metal.

The sheet metal process chain in e-mobility

When thinking about sheet metal in the automotive industry, the second step is often to think about deep drawing. But 2D cutting, bending and welding as a process chain also offer innovative approaches for components in electrified vehicles. An example here is the battery tray. Discuss with our experts which options are available and how they can be implemented.

Latest developments in processing optics and scanners

Besides the beam sources, optics is one of the core elements in laser processing. Discuss with our experts what developments are taking place in this field and the demands you place on optics.

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