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TRUMPF software


How do you keep track of your processes as a sheet metal manufacturer? Our software portfolio helps you to control all relevant processes along your sheet metal processing chain and to reach your goal quickly and safely with the ideal programming software.

Production control

Oseon Go

Ready, steady, go

With Oseon Go, you digitalize and simplify the core processes of your sheet metal production. You ensure that no order is lost and increase the efficiency of employees and machines. 

Oseon Grow

Higher, further, faster

With Oseon Grow you extend Oseon Go to the areas of storage, logistics and interfaces and automate your material flow. Additional components as well as interfaces are integrated and the individual processes thus mesh at factory level. 

Oseon Flow

Energy flows where focus goes

With Oseon Flow, your production flows smoothly and your work steps mesh seamlessly. You can expand the interplay between workstations and material flow, right through to complete connectivity across your sheet metal production processes. 

Programming software

Smart Factory Consulting