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3D printing: TRUMPF presents highly productive multi-laser system for dental industry

Compact multi-laser machine prints bridgework and caps layer by layer in a metal powder bed – Top flexibility for specific customer demands – Up to an 80 percent increase in productivity

Ditzingen, March 21, 2017 – At the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, laser and laser system manufacturer TRUMPF presented its TruPrint 1000 3D printer with multi-laser option. This laser system, which is designed to process metal powder, has been optimized for the large-scale manufacturing requirements of the dental industry. What’s special about the new system is its multi-laser principle: the highly productive TruPrint 1000 features two 200-watt laser beam sources that work in tandem to create components of the required shape by layering metal powder. Using this additive manufacturing process, it is possible to produce bridgework or caps, for example, out of cobalt-chrome or titanium alloys for custom dental prostheses. The hallmarks of the system are the great flexibility it offers for satisfying specific customer demands and the speed at which parts are ready.

In its standard version, the compact and robust TruPrint 1000 is equipped with one 200-watt laser. Although TRUMPF developed the multi-laser version with two lasers with the dental industry in mind, this highly productive system is also suitable for other industries. The main advantage the multi-laser version has over the standard model is increased productivity. With no change in capacity utilization, the machine generates up to 80 percent more parts; pure processing time for producing parts in the powder bed is cut almost in half.

Cost-effective and efficient manufacturing – even for custom parts
Easy and intuitive to operate, the TruPrint 1000 can quickly and flexibly produce parts with a maximum diameter of 100 millimeters and up to 100 millimeters in height. It does this using the laser metal fusion (LMF) technique, in which one or more lasers melt metallic powder layer by layer in a powder bed to produce complex parts. LMF is particularly suited to the cost-effective and efficient manufacture of geometrically complex and custom parts – such as those required not only in the dental industry, but also in the automotive, medical engineering, supply and jewelry industries.
What sets TRUMPF apart are the company’s many years of expertise and the range of technologies it offers in the fields of machine tools, laser technology and additive manufacturing. TRUMPF has mastered the two additive technologies relevant for metallic 3D printing: laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition. The company offers its customers a comprehensive package comprising laser beam source, machine, powder, services and application consulting – all from a single source.

You will find TRUMPF at IDS in Cologne in Hall 5.1, Booth D20/E21.

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TruPrint 1000

TruPrint 1000 is a compact 3D printer that generates parts by using lasers to melt metallic powder.

Dental applications

Soon after the dental scan, bridgework and caps made from cobalt-chrome and titanium alloys are ready for use.

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