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Machines & systems

TruLaser 5030 fiber, Produktivmaschine mit Festkörperlaser
TruLaser 5030 fiber

A well thought-out machine concept, in which all components are perfectly matched to one another: this guarantees the best long-term results during laser cutting. At the Blechexpo we will show you this attractive package, which combines machine, laser and functions in perfect harmony: the TruLaser 5030 fiber with the TruDisk 8001 laser, the Highspeed Eco cutting procedure, which speeds up production and saves on cutting gas, as well as numerous intelligent functions. This makes production fast, high-quality and reliable.

TruLaser 2030 fiber, leistungsstarke Kompaktmaschine
TruLaser 2030 fiber

The new TruLaser 2030 fiber bundles high performance in a minimum amount of space. You can process all sheet thicknesses or materials with the same laser cutting head. The focal position is adjusted automatically. The intuitive control panel and the optimal view into the entire work area make operating the machine even easier. With the BrightLine fiber function, you can achieve high-quality cutting results over the entire sheet thickness range and beyond. Individually adaptable installation versions, automations and various laser power classes starting from 2 kW will also offer you a lot of flexibility; adapted to the spatial conditions at your production site, the machine is available with a manual pallet or pallet changer and LiftMaster Shuttle, for example.

TruLaser Center 7030
TruLaser Center 7030

Take advantage of our shuttle service at the trade show and experience the TruLaser Center 7030 directly at our site in the TRUMPF Showroom in Ditzingen. The first full-service laser machine integrates all laser cutting processes in a single machine – from the drawing to the sorted part. The benefit to you: throughput time and processing costs are drastically reduced. How to get maximum efficiency out of your laser process.

TruLaser Cell 3000, Einzigartig universell
TruLaser Cell 3000

With the compact and highly flexible 5-axis laser processing machine TruLaser Cell 3000, you can weld and cut in two and three dimensions. In addition, the 3D laser machine is suitable for laser metal deposition. Utilize the complete work area for large installations and extensive automation systems.

Laser welding

With laser welding systems from TRUMPF, you can produce visually attractive or deep and solid seams in a wide variety of material types and thicknesses, usually without mechanical reworking and at unrivaled low part costs. With FusionLine, you can also connect components with gaps. Drastically increase your profits with this technology – No production step in the sheet metal process chain offers a comparably high savings potential.

Laser tube processing

With the slogan "Tubes prefer TRUMPF", we are presenting laser tube cutting technology at the Blechexpo, which will save you money and open up a new range of parts. With the new technology package for tapping, you will soon be able to process tubes and profiles with a laser on one machine, the TruLaser Tube 7000, as well as cut and form threads. Thanks to the automation, you will profit from reduced parts handling and lower probabilities of error. You can also find out all you need to know about the entire tube process chain. After all, with TRUMPF products, you can both cut as well as weld tubes and profiles.

TruMark Station 5000, Flexibler Allrounder für komfortables Markieren
TruMark Station 5000 with TruMark 5050

Flexible, convenient and ergonomic marking? The TruMark Station 5000 makes all this possible: this allrounder can be combined with all TRUMPF marking lasers; we will demonstrate this at the Blechexpo with the TruMark 5050. You can rely on maximum safety during marking, because: any arising emissions are discharged directly with the integrated exhaust system. Simply integrate the TruMark Station 5000 in your production line or use the laser marking system as a single workstation.

TruPrint 1000, Kompakter und robuster 3D-Druck
TruPrint 1000 with multi-laser option

With the robust TruPrint 1000, profit from all the advantages of additive manufacturing – including intelligent digitization and clever services. With this system, convert complex CAD design geometries simply and easily into a metallic 3D component. Produce small, single industrial parts and series this way in excellent quality. For maximum productivity, select the multi-laser option: here, two lasers illuminate the build chamber at the same time, generating up to 80% more parts in the same time period. At the trade show, to get to know 3D printing, we will offer attractive financing for the TruPrint 1000. You can also inform yourself about the entire TruPrint series with industrial powder and parts management.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, Wirtschaftliche Kompaktmaschine
TruMatic 1000 fiber

A modular machine concept which grows along with the success of your company? At the Blechexpo, familiarize yourself with the advantages of modern punch/laser combination technology: depending on your needs and order situation, the punching machine TruPunch 1000 converts itself into the most compact punch laser machine in the world. With the TruMatic 1000 fiber, open up a gigantic range of orders and add flexible solutions for loading and unloading. With automation, you will make even more profit. Thanks to the sorting function, high quantities of small parts can be economically produced from thicker material.

TruBend Center 7030, Vollautomatisches und präzises Schwenkbiegen mit hoher Flexibilität
TruBend Center 7030

With the TruBend Center 7030, the fully automatic bending center, you can bend the widest range of parts on the market with maximum productivity. Even complex workpieces can be processed quickly and very productively with the automatic tool changer and 2-axis part manipulator. With TecZone Fold, you can program the machine expeditiously and easily. Thanks to the ACB laser, you can achieve exact angles and finished parts, starting from the first part. The additional screen, which, effective immediately, can accommodate even more application masks at the same time, paves the way to paperless production with more user-friendliness.

TruBend Serie 5000 mit ToolMaster
TruBend 5130

At the Blechexpo, the TruBend Series 5000 will be shown to be more user-friendly and Industry 4.0-ready. The Part Indicator simplifies the insertion operation for the operator, which reduces rejects and increases productivity. The Central Link interface additionally opens up the possibility for you to integrate the machine in networked production, thereby drastically reducing your production costs.

TruBend Serie 7000, ergonomische Highspeed-Maschine
TruBend 7036

A powerful ergonomics package: with the fast TruBend 7036, you can bend small and medium-sized parts especially efficiently. In addition, thanks to the well thought-out overall concept, the machine offers a high degree of ergonomics and user-friendliness in a minimum amount of space. The directly driven torque motor works without a gearbox and generates a high torque at low speed – optimal condition for a high press force at a high working speed.

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