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Contest on the occasion of the website relaunch

We congratulate all the winners

In April of this year it went live with a fresh look and exciting new content, features and videos: TRUMPF.com.

Starting on the first day of our in-house exhibition INTECH in April, TRUMPF invited all website visitors to a digital exploration through the new online presence. By the end of May almost 280 participants from 19 countries were looking for the right answers to eight questions – hidden in the new texts, videos or functions of TRUMPF.com. Among the most resourceful participants were Dennis P. from Garbsen, Michael W. from Berlin and Lucia D. from Stuttgart. In the draw from all correct submissions these three came out as the winners of a smartwatch from Apple (1st prize), an iPad (2nd prize) and a Bluetooth speaker (3rd prize).

We congratulate the happy prize-winners and thank you for all your participation! In the future TRUMPF.com will continue to be a site worth visiting. The new web specials, and constantly updated content and services make visits exciting again and again.

1st prize: Smartwatch

Dennis P. from Garbsen/Germany: "Very straight and beautiful design!"

2nd prize: iPad

Michael W. from Berlin/Germany: "Really good: plenty of white space, easy accessible from smartphone, clear structure and good search function. A successful relaunch!"

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