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Tlačová správa, detailná strana | TRUMPF

TRUMPF presents digital assistant for sheet metal fabrication

New “Workmate” software solution assists production workers // Workmate gives users a better overview of the manufacturing process // Support in setting up machines and processing parts

Ditzingen/Stuttgart, November 5, 2019 – TRUMPF has presented its new Workmate software solution at Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Using a tablet, machine operators and assembly workers can browse information designed to make their daily work easier – from advice on setting up machines to recommendations on how parts should be packaged. By ensuring people can always access the key information they need without having to search for it, this software solution saves time and helps both experienced and untrained employees work independently and efficiently. Workmate will be available from spring 2020.

Well prepared at the start of each day

Workmate helps users organize their day’s work more efficiently by providing a list of all pending jobs. It also offers a dedicated user interface for preparing jobs. Among other things, this shows the user where the parts required for the job are stored. If the parts have to be fetched from the warehouse, the operator can allocate them to the job directly in Workmate to keep stock records updated.

Key information on each machine

Workmate also provides assistance in setting up laser, punching, punch-laser and bending machines. The software tells the operator which tools the system should be equipped with to process each job. Workmate also specifies which process parameters the operator can use to configure the machine, and it allows users to track job progress while the machine is working. Once the parts are finished, Workmate helps users to remove the parts correctly and stack and label them in accordance with the job requirements.

Also supports manual tasks

Workmate also assists workers with manual tasks such as welding or assembly by providing detailed work instructions and safety information. What’s more, Workmate can tell users where fixtures are stored and how the parts processed for a job should be packaged.

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Workmate offers advice on how to complete pending jobs, neatly summarized and presented on different user interfaces.

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