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INTECH 2021: TRUMPF to showcase latest developments at virtual in-house trade show

New AI solution enables automatic spare part recognition and ordering // Green laser now available with three kilowatts of power for even more efficient copper processing // New system for laser welding // Virtual tours to focus on smart factory

Ditzingen, March 3, 2021 – High-technology company TRUMPF will be running its INTECH in-house trade show in a virtual format on March 22 and 23, 2021. The event will feature innovative products and technologies designed to make sheet-metal fabrication and laser technology more versatile than ever before. With virtual guided tours, live presentations and plenty of opportunities for customers and other interested parties to get personalized advice, the INTECH show will highlight the latest TRUMPF technologies. These include a new AI solution for spare parts in the form of an app. By using artificial intelligence to identify parts from photos, the app allows customers to order the parts they need at the touch of a button. The event will also include a virtual tour of the smart factory that opened its doors at TRUMPF’s headquarters in Ditzingen in the fall of 2020. This tour will be a must-see for any sheet-metal fabricators who hope to improve their production efficiency by using new connectivity solutions. As a leading provider and user of digital technologies, TRUMPF employs its smart factory to make sheet-metal components for its machine tools. The 30 connected machines in the smart factory also provide an excellent demonstration of the modern face of efficient sheet-metal fabrication.

INTECH will also showcase a new version of TRUMPF’s laser system TruLaser Cell 5030. With a new control system, a new look and a new array of fixture components, the TruLaser Cell 5030 is specially designed for laser welding applications that involve small and medium batch sizes. Better performance is also on the cards for the TruDisk laser that operates in the green spectral region. Specially designed for processing copper, this is now available with three kilowatts of laser power. The “green laser” is particularly useful for e-mobility applications, such as welding battery housings, electric motor components and electronic parts.                                                        

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Smart Factory

The TRUMPF Smart Factory demonstrates how different machine types can be interconnected in a network.

TruDisk Green

With TruDisk with green wavelength, it is possible to weld copper in a highly stable and practically spatter-free process. This meets the toughest quality requirements for both the weld seam and the welded component itself.

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