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TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired microwave technology company HBH

TRUMPF Hüttinger sets its sights on new areas of business based on microwave technology // Addition to existing plasma excitation methods // Access to new markets such as industrial heating and particle accelerators

Ditzingen / Freiburg, January 20, 2020 – High-tech company TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired HBH Microwave GmbH. This acquisition adds semiconductor-based, solid-state microwave generators to TRUMPF Hüttinger’s technology portfolio. These devices are used in industrial heating, drying and plasma applications, as well as in communications and radar technology. Another important market the company has in its sights is particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry.

“This acquisition gives us a real boost in the trending field of microwave power generators,” says Rafal Bugyi, managing director of TRUMPF Hüttinger in Freiburg. “In the plasma processing market, which is an important area of our business, there is a noticeable trend toward higher frequencies in the microwave range. HBH has many years of experience in developing technology and applications for solid-state microwave generators. This gives us a solid basis for making a calculated transition from the vacuum-tube-based magnetron to solid-state microwave power generators.”

Plasma-generators operating in the medium and radio frequency range are used for example in thin-film coating applications and processes. Plasma-generator applications include the large-area coating of glass and foils, as well as the deposition and ablation of materials on semiconductor chips, data storage media, displays and solar cells.

The acquisition will also enable TRUMPF Hüttinger to expand its business in the particle accelerator market. The most common areas of application for particle accelerators are in medicine and in industry. Medical applications include radiation and particle beam therapy in the treatment of cancers.

“Ever since our company was founded, we have always aimed to deliver the very best microwave technology for our customers,” says HBH managing director Guido Baumann, Head of Sales & Marketing. “We are very much looking forward to being a part of an innovative company like TRUMPF Hüttinger. By combining our expertise in microwave technology with that of TRUMPF Hüttinger in industrial manufacturing, we will gain access to much bigger markets.”

HBH Microwave was founded in 1999 and currently employs 50 people at its premises in Stutensee, near Karlsruhe.

The two parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.                                                              

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