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TRUMPF Venture joins $15m Series A Funding Round for Carbice®

Ditzingen, 29 January 2021 – TRUMPF Venture announces the final closing of the $15 million Series A funding round for Carbice Corporation led by Downing Ventures with additional funding provided by TRUMPF Venture and Toyota AI Ventures. Carbice produces Carbice® Carbon, a product that lowers device temperatures and dissipates heat away from product packaging. It is being used in space applications within satellites as well as in many terrestrial applications and leads the industry on long-term reliability in diverse operational environments. Carbice® Carbon technology provides the only thermo-interface solution on the market allowing for thermo-connectivity management that is simple to make and easy to handle, apply and rework. These funds will allow Carbice to attract top talent to help grow their sales and marketing functions and enable the company to scale their production to meet the significant product demand.

In a time of rapid digitization, industry has been restricted by the thermal dissipation of the heat that is generated as a natural part of electronic devices operation. The future iterations of all next-generation electronics will have greater heat problems than before. As ever-smaller devices are manufactured for broader uses, solving critical issues related to thermal transfer are key to unlocking trapped performance and reliability. As a result, Carbice® Carbon will propel technology iterations at a greater pace than before as it solves this thermal issue.

Carbice® Carbon is the highest heat conducting material in the world, made up of a composite of recycled aluminum and aligned carbon nanotubes, a tiny filament that is only tens of atoms thick in diameter.  Carbice is setting the standard for thermal materials because of the aligned high-connectivity nano-structure at the core of Carbon® Carbice.

Carbice was founded by Dr. Bara Cola, a scientist and engineer, who holds one of the longest tenures in the field of carbon nanotubes working on and researching them since 1999 and winning multiple awards for his research and patented designs.

Dr. Dieter Kraft, Managing Director of TRUMPF Venture adds: “For me, Bara is a great technical mind, who managed to solve the issues of Carbon Nanotubes being applicable for industrial use, and set up a team to make this planet a better place for everyone. We are excited to be part of the journey with Bara and his team while growing this revolutionary breakthrough in heat-conduction technology for a broad range of applications.”

Dr. Bara Cola comments: "The current investor syndicate is a perfect fit to grow Carbice due to the complementary knowledge provided. I am very pleased that we were able to attract the right type of new investors to join our journey and support great entrepreneurial teams like ours."


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