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新聞通報詳細資訊頁 | TRUMPF

TRUMPF intends to strengthen its additive manufacturing business

TRUMPF to acquire joint venture with SISMA completely // 3D printing dental and medical business expansion

Ditzingen, December 18, 2020 – The high-technology company TRUMPF plans to strengthen its additive manufacturing (AM) division: The Ditzingen-based company is in advanced talks with its Italian partner SISMA S.p.A., a leader of manufacturing high-technology machines, to acquire the joint venture TRUMPF SISMA S.R.L. completely. Up to now, TRUMPF holds 55 percent of the shares.

In addition, TRUMPF intends to continue SISMA’s additive manufacturing business activities in the industrial, dental and medical sectors.

Simultaneously with its divestment from the joint venture, SISMA plans to focus on the jewelry and fashion industry and for this purpose to enter into a cooperation with TRUMPF in 3D printing.

TRUMPF SISMA was founded as a joint venture in 2014 and is based in Schio in northern Italy. Around 60 employees work there in the development and production of metal 3D printing machines with Laser Metal Fusion technology.

The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. The two companies did not provide further details.

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Rainer Berghausen
Athanassios Kaliudis
Athanassios Kaliudis Corporate communications representative TRUMPF