MyTRUMPF Download Centre: safe and fast

Download software updates and programming data

Thanks to MyTRUMPF, you no longer need additional hardware for software updates or to import programming data for special tools, ensuring maximum security in your company. Use the MyTRUMPF Download Centre to keep your TruTops software products up-to-date. Download current software updates directly in MyTRUMPF. You can also download programming data for new punching and bending tools. Don't lose any time, you can start production as soon as your new special tools arrive. By the way: you can also download machine manuals in your machine overview.

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MyTRUMPF Download Centre: your benefits at a glance

Highest level of data security as no external hardware is required
Software updates for your TruTops software products
Programming data for punching tools
Programming data for bending tools

TruTops software updates

Stay up-to-date.

Current software updates can be downloaded from MyTRUMPF. If necessary, you can also download installation manuals, release instructions and other documentation. Please note that the documents are only available to be downloaded with a valid service agreement.

Download software updates: here's how

The software updates can be found at two central points in MyTRUMPF: either directly via the Download Centre or via your software overview "My software". The software overview indicates directly when a new update is available. You can then switch to the software updates by following a link. Good to know: a message is also displayed as soon as a new update is available.

Programming data for punching and bending tools

Ensure the highest level of data security.

Download programming data for the special tools of your new punching and bending tools. Without additional hardware. The programming data is usually already available before you have even received the tools. A clear advantage in terms of data security and speed.

Download programming updates: here's how

The programming data can be found in the Download Centre. You can request programming data for punching tools using the tool designation, order number and item, order date or drawing number (S-no.). You can enter either the material number or order number for bending tools. After a successful search, the downloads are available immediately for most tools.

Good to know: it's this easy to program your special tools


Go to the programming data and search for the required special tool


Download or request the programming data.


Download the technical information and XML file with the tool parameters.


Import the programming data in the programming system.


The tool is available in the tool database and be used for the production.

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