Hall 11, booth D37

You will find the power tools in hall 11, booth D37

Slat cleaner TruTool TSC 100

With the slat cleaner, the cleaning time for an averagely soiled pallet (size 1500 x 3000 mm) is around 30 minutes. Regularly cleaned slats can be used up to four times longer. This not only saves costs, but also conserves resources and is sustainable. Another plus point: Cleaning is energy-saving; little electricity is sufficient for powerful cleaning. 

Deburrer TruTool TKA 1500

Wherever visible edges are created, cut burrs are cleanly removed or chamfers are needed for subsequent powder and paint coating, our deburrers are unbeatable. The machines can also be used for weld seam preparation. The deburrers score with an uniform and oxide-free chamfer quality and base height. For metallically bright surfaces with high corrosion protection. And all this in a single operation. Up to 15 mm chamfer length. 

Bevellers TruTool TKF

High-strength welds play an important role. The basis for this lies in their preparation. The surface of the edge must be oxide-free and geometrically uniform. With our bevellers, you can produce bright metallic weld seams with low roughness in a single operation. This with an incomparable working speed and without rework. At the same time, the machines can be easily fixed and removed at any point on the sheet. Up to 15 mm bevel length.