Shop Floor Designer – Just a few clicks to your 3D shop floor visualisation

With the Shop Floor Designer you can quickly and easily create attractive illustrations of your own shop floor or plan future expansions. You can use the tool for free with your MyTRUMPF user account.

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Your advantages at a glance

Upload your 2D hall plan as the basis for the 3D visualisation

Upload available images or plans as a background image to create your shop floor to scale in 3D. Create an illustration of your production hall with walls, doors and columns.

Place 3D models of your TRUMPF machines in the shop floor

Select your existing - or planned - machines, automation units or stores from a large library of components and arrange them in your shop floor.

Personalise your shop floor

Place additional components such as forklift trucks, europallets or workbenches from the component library to recreate your shop floor in detail.

Generate high-quality screenshots

Save your shop floor illustration as a high-resolution image from any angle. This can then be used in other applications such as OSEON Analytics for real-time production monitoring.

Plan your production expansion

The copy function allows you to quickly and easily duplicate existing layouts and thus plan any number of scenarios for your production expansion.

Export the generated layouts

The simple export and import function allows you to share the generated layouts with other users or with TRUMPF.

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