OCI interface between your merchandise management and the TRUMPF E-Shop

OCI enables you to shop comfortably and efficiently! You can take advantage of the many benefits of the TRUMPF E-Shop while complying with your own internal authorization processes and standards. Connect your merchandise management system (ERP system) directly with the TRUMPF E-Shop.

Your advantages at a glance

Taking advantage of E-Shop benefits

Benefit from all the advantages of the TRUMPF E-Shop, but order in your own ERP system with your own authorization and ordering processes.

Saving time when ordering

Save valuable ordering time in the future by eliminating the need for manual duplicate entries in the ERP system. Dynamic data transfer also means time-consuming master data maintenance is no longer necessary. Login to MyTRUMPF is also unnecessary.

Reducing error sources

By automatically transferring data, sources of error, such as transposed numbers, are eliminated.

Customized prices and availability

Customized prices and stock availability can be accessed in real time and no longer require saving and updating in the ERP system.

Ordering products faster

Simply create favorite lists that you can reuse repeatedly. Identify your machine parts in exploded views and order them directly. Or use the Quick Order function for direct ordering via material numbers.

Quick setup

The standard interface means you can integrate OCI without any major IT effort. Moreover, no additional hardware is required for data transmission via the interface.

Conveniently request your personal OCI link using our online form

So easy: the ordering process via the OCI interface


Just five steps: setup can be this simple

Go through the check list

Check whether all points in the check list apply to your company.

Requesting an OCI link

Conveniently request your personal OCI link using our online form.

Receive link

Once it has been generated successfully, we will send your OCI link to you by email. The link will include your OCI registration data as well as the URL to the TRUMPF E-Shop.

Set up interface

Set up the OCI interface with TRUMPF in your merchandise management system. Please remember to add the parameters that are relevant for your procurement system, such as HOOK_URL.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the TRUMPF OCI interface!

Check list: what do I need for an OCI link with MyTRUMPF?

Does your merchandise management system (ERP system) have an OCI module?

OCI is a standard interface which can be integrated in different merchandise management systems using various modules. You can use the same module for different interfaces or suppliers. Are you already using OCI? Wonderful! If not, please ask your IT department for an OCI module in your merchandise management system.

Do you have to place your TRUMPF orders from your merchandise management system?

Thanks to OCI, you use the E-Shop functions such as "Search" or "Exploded views" while ordering from your merchandise management system as usual. You have the "best of both worlds" at your customized price. You don't necessarily have to order using your merchandise management system? You are welcome to order via MyTRUMPF within a fully automated process. You will have an overview of all your machines and orders.

How often do you place an order with TRUMPF manually?

Whether it's several or just a few orders, OCI is free and easy to set up. Your advantage with lots of orders: use the favorites list and save your usual orders. Do you place infrequent orders with us? We offer support in parts selection with exploded views and machine-specific orders.

Have you already registered for MyTRUMPF?

If you are already registered with MyTRUMPF, you can use it to conveniently request an OCI link today. Please register for free if you don't yet have a MyTRUMPF account. Once we have confirmed your account, you too can request your link to benefit from all the advantages of OCI.

Which information must be transferred to you? (optional)

The following information is currently transmitted to your merchandise management system in a standardized format:

OCI code




Material quantity



Material unit



TRUMPF material number



Material description

Protective glass





Price per unit

1 (=Default value)





Machine number assigned to the order



Delivery period to the customer site in days



The TRUMPF supplier ID of the customer

"TRUMPF", "3123123"


We are constantly working on providing further information. If the necessary information for your order process is missing, please contact us at mytrumpf.support@trumpf.com.

Conveniently request your personal OCI link using our online form

Side note OCI: Open Catalog Interface

In brief: OCI is an open, standardized interface for the exchange of product information between independent systems. It facilitates the transfer of product data between ERP and merchandise management systems of the customer and the MyTRUMPF E-Shop using digital catalogs. The user accesses TRUMPF's current catalog data using the Internet via standard Internet protocols.

The objective of OCI is to use the MyTRUMPF E-Shop for research and product selection and to integrate the product data in the ERP system without storing every detail of all the data by hand. The product information is integrated in the ordering process via the OCI interface. The order is then transferred and booked directly from the customer's ERP system.

SAP developed the OCI standard and also coined the term "PunchOut" with which the user is transferred to an external shop system by the SAP system. The system can now also be used to create links between any systems. SAP is not necessarily required for this.

MyTRUMPF User Guide: get to know OCI step by step using helpful screenshots

1. Create an order

You create a purchase order in your ERP system as normal and select the MyTRUMPF supplier catalogue. You will then be automatically forwarded to the TRUMPF E-Shop ("Punchout").

  • No additional login data required.
  • Automatic registration.

2. Search for and select parts.

In the TRUMPF E-Shop, you can search and select the parts you need.

  • All the advantages of the E-Shop can be used.
  • Customized prices.
  • Real time availability.

3. Transfer the shopping basket via the OCI interface

The final shopping basket is transferred to your ERP system via the OCI interface.

4. Load the shopping basket data in the ERP system

The transferred shopping basket data is automatically loaded into your ERP system via the OCI interface.

  • No manual duplicate entries in the ERP system.
  • No time-consuming master data maintenance.

5. Order from TRUMPF by email or fax

You can process the purchase order according to your own authorization processes and send it to TRUMPF by email or fax.

  • Compliance with your own individual authorization processes.
  • Reduction of error sources with automation.

Conveniently request your personal OCI link using our online form

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