New: Service app object recognition using artificial intelligence

Do you know every genuine part in your machine? Your smartphone does!

Is a genuine part defective? Do you need to reorder it quickly? Do you have a question about a part? This is when you usually start a time-consuming search for the correct material number. Start making your life easier immediately: instead of looking through catalogues or lists, identify the genuine parts of all your machines in a flash, using your smartphone camera. This is possible with the TRUMPF object recognition function in the Service app. Then you can also create a corresponding service case in the Service app to clarify your queries. 

Your advantages at a glance

No more looking for material numbers in lists and catalogues
Identify the part once, save it for the future
Parts identification even when installed and worn
Identification and direct order option or case clarification*

Downloading the app

Artificial intelligence for your daily routine

Have you already heard a lot about artificial intelligence? Now you can benefit from it directly and make your working day easier. Object recognition assesses a simple photograph of the part in question using image recognition and suggests the corresponding material number. You select the correct part. The basis is an extensive database from TRUMPF which is constantly expanded.

From genuine part to material number in ten seconds

Object recognition is part of the Service app and is based on artificial intelligence. You can use it to identify your spare part in just a few seconds, and to report a corresponding service case. This means that you can clarify any questions concerning spare parts more quickly. Furthermore, you can also order the genuine part directly from your production hall via the TRUMPF E-Shop. Without logging in again.

It is so easy to identify genuine parts

Open the Service app.
Create a new service case.
As the reason for your report, select "Spare parts clarification".
Click on "Identify spare part" and take a photograph of your spare part.
The app provides suitable suggestions. Select the spare part you need.
Report a service case to clarify your spare parts question.

Discover the other helpful Service app functions

As well as object recognition, the Service app also offers other helpful functions. Use the TRUMPF
Service app to transfer your service cases to our Technical Service at any time. Whether it's about machine or software faults, questions on genuine parts or repairs and maintenance: the Service app is your central contact point for technical questions concerning your machinery and your TRUMPF software.

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Downloading the app

Conditions for use

  • It is possible to use smartphones or tablets in the production
  • Internet access when taking photographs
  • MyTRUMPF access (free of charge)
  • Service app (free of charge for Android and iOS)
  • * Direct ordering of the identified parts is only possible for countries with the new TRUMPF E-Shop.